Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Shopping. One of my favorite things to do. Especially when Martha Stewart is involved.

Okay, so we aren't exactly bffs. But she would definitely consider me one of her VIP buyers. Well, maybe. Okay. Probably not. But our home will be chuck full of Martha Stewart's products.

I'm already thinking of, planning, and dreaming about our first Thanksgiving. I have a tentative menu planned, and it will be fabulous! To assist me on this glorious day, which just happens to be my favorite holiday, I bought this:

and, of course, flour sack kitchen cloths to go with the upcoming fall season:

Note that our pumpkin pie pan has Martha's recipe inside. Clever of her, I know!

and you didn't think this little girl could be left out of the shopping trip, did you!?

I got her this little travel bag for her m,any, many car rides:

You know, she has a rather big one coming up in just two weeks. She will be meeting Daddy Mark for the very first time! She also got a couple toys and some treats, as well. Today was a good day in the life of Piper!

And for me too.


  1. I WANT THAT PIE DISH!!!! Except...I don't like pumpkin pie. :/ Shucks.

    Piper looks sooo cute! Has she grown!? She looks a tiny bit bigger!

  2. Nah!! That picture was taken a couple days ago. Mark THINKS she's grown too, but neither of us can tell. I need a food scale... I don't think my bathroom scale would even register with her on it.

  3. Oh my goodness! that will be such a fun meeting in 2 weeks ;)

    cute cute stuff you got!


  4. Haha. Usually a bathroom scale doesn't weigh anything under 10 pounds. (At least that's what Chris said ours does.) Anyway! So we weigh ourselves, then pick up Lily and weigh ourselves again. Then it registers. So we take the weight with Lily and subtract our alone weight and that's Lily's weight! 7.4 pounds right now! :]

  5. i, ummm, wouldn't know anything about the scale not registering. you know, since i [obviously] almost tip the stinkin' thing. haha. but really.

    i have a greenbean casserole dish with the recipe inside. i thought it was really cool. ummm, until i started making it, and when i put the first couple ingredients in, i couldn't see the recipe anymore.

    ...i'm a thinker. :)