Friday, August 21, 2009

whoopsie daisies!

I lied. I said I would post pictures last night, but clearly that didn't happen. Oopsie! So here are a few of our little girl:


ABC fun!
(Clayton got her ABC blocks so she could "learn her letters")

Bunny Ears

She really is that small

How Piper climbs down from a step.


Will you all just stop jerkin' my chain for more house photos?!?! Sheesh! Let a girl breathe!

Oh, what's that? You didn't ask for more pictures? Well, too bad. You're getting another!

Kind of ugly, but it's home! We move to the beach in 22 days. Wow. Only 22 days left in Kentucky! Dreading leaving my nephews behind to grow up without me. But excited to begin our new life together at last. If we truly did get out of the Air Force in 6 years, Clayton would be 10 years old. What is that, a teeny bopper?! Insane. I try not to think about it! Hudson would be entering the first grade. How is that even possible?! Sigh.


  1. Her little black gums are adorable!

  2. Excuse me, not GUMS, but lips!

  3. no way. your house isn't ugly. i do love it so. I can't wait for pictures of the inside. :)

    ALSO, i love your dog. the end.

  4. I think your new house is pretty! Are you allowed to landscape and stuff? Some flowers out front and that place would be even prettier!

    Piper is so stinkin' cute. When I see pictures of her, it makes me think how BIG Fenway is compared to her. He's already 4 pounds, and she's half that size! :)