Saturday, November 14, 2009


Oh, what a wonderful movie. I just have to tell you about it.

We all know (well, maybe not) that the Mayans (and other civilizations) have predicted that the world would "end" on December 21, 2012. That's what the movie is loosely based on. The Mayans are only mentioned once (maybe twice).

So John Cusack is is a divorced dad and has 2 kids. He decides to take them camping to Yellowstone National Park, and he sees some pretty weird stuff -- including a big marked-off section that the US Army is protecting. He starts hearing different rumors that the world is going to end. At first, he doesn't believe it, and thinks they're psycho. But as weird national disasters start popping up here and there, he takes it seriously.

So he takes his kids, ex-wife, and her husband, and they all try to out-run the destruction. Basically, no place is safe. Hawaii turns into one huge volcano and is covered in lava. The coasts of cities are swallowed by the oceans. Open fields cave in, etc. Basically, millions of people on earth die instantaneously. All the while, the smartest people in the world know this is going on. And they've been preparing for it. China has recruited zillions of its people to build "ships" for the most elite humans to board when all of this takes place.

Basically, we're following John and his family on a journey to save their lives.

I seriously don't do this movie justice with my pathetic review. But, seriously, I think I was gripping Mark's hand tight through the whole movie. It isn't scary, really, but it's very creepy to imagine what it would be like if all these natural disasters occurred. I think they did an amazing job of portraying humans during their last minutes upon realizing that they would all die.

Plus, it shows how humans will either turn on one another and think of only themselves OR rally together, care for one another, and love even their enemies.

Of course, I don't believe that the world would really end in 2012. But the graphics in this movie are to die for. Holy macaroni, it's just unbelievable. And John Cusack is always a great actor.

This, in my opinion, is the movie of the year. I actually think it's better than Harry Potter (shocking). You really need to go see it tonight. Or tomorrow. Or as soon as possible. It was just SO good. Good enough to buy on dvd, if that tells you anything!!

Note: Remarkably, this actually is relatively kid-friendly. There's really not much bad in it at all. There were 2 girls next to me, both around 8 years old. One fell asleep and the other watched it very closely and understood it. Plugged in Movie Review, which is a Christian movie review website and program, calls it the writer's "most positive film." You can go there to read their review! We also use that website on a weekly basis and love it, so check it out!


  1. I didn't even know about this movie until Chris showed me the trailer for it online last week. I'm so out of the loop. Anyway, I wanted to see it, so I'm glad your review of it was good! :)

  2. It was *SO* good. Rarely do I ever see a movie and want to buy it on dvd.. but I definitely want this one! :)

    Like, this is really outrageous, but it was beautiful and scary and amazing to "see" parts of the world collapsing and seeing humans come together. Obviously, it's total fiction. But the disaster things were *really* realistic, and it was just totally beautiful to see people praying and sacrificing their lives for others. Sigh. Just a wonderful movie. :) I hope you get the opportunity to see it!!!

  3. Yeah, one of the biggest reasons I wanted to see it was for the special effects, because they looked incredible just on the trailer. I bet it is even better larger-than-life in the theater! If we don't see it on the screen, we'll definitely rent it when it comes out. We don't go to the movies that often, since it is SO expensive. So we just wait until they're on DVD to rent them. :)

  4. We used to not go to the theater.. but here, they have this thing called Cinema Cafe. You sit in a seat, and there's a table in front of you, and you have a little button to push to order food. They have everything from chicken sandwiches, salads, pizza, wings, nachos, popcorn, hamburgers, wraps, etc. It's SOOO FUN! We love it! We're going back next week! :D But movies are SO expensive :\

  5. You should definitely be on commission for these writings. After all, I wanna go see it now =)