Friday, November 6, 2009

tribute to YOU!

Friends. IRL* friends & bloggy friends. They keep me goin'. They keep me truckin'. They keep me.

I think they're great, and I think they're worth mentioning. Worth introducing. Worth knowing.

So, I'm taking my top five commenters and introducing you to the people that keep this blog going. So, in Christine-fashion, I now introduce you to some people that I love:

1. Brittney -- author of Back to the Quarry! She is my friend IRL* and I've known her for, oh, two years! Our husbands are bffs, and she and Chris are expecting their Baby Bee in early May (or late April, if we're lucky!). She is insanely cute, and we share a ton of similar interests. She (and her husband) post a wide variety of posts -- from hilarious, to serious, to informative, and to product reviews. I think she's great! And our dogs just happen to be best friends forever.

2. Christine -- author of Adventures of Christine! She, too, is my friend IRL* and I've known her since 1st grade, although we were never in the same class. She is absolutely hilarious, and her blogs are always insanely adorable and funny! She is, like, precious. Beyond words. And she is also really really good with kids. She is a ball of fun, and if I could describe her in one word, it would be: life. Odd word to describe someone, I know, but she is full of life. Her interests include her boyfriend, Austin, helping the children of the world, God, and living life to the fullest. My nephews also love her, if that says anything about her greatness. She makes up 1/3 of the Muskateers.

3. Emily -- author of The World Inside My Head! I don't actually know Emily, but Christine does. I used to think she was a famous blogger that Christine stalked followed, but then I realized that she is, in fact, a real person. Her blog is insanely fun to read, and she blogs about, literally, the world inside her head. In a fun, bright way. Proudest aunt ever to Ava Ghost, Emily is chuck full of cuteness. Emily blogs about her interests, funny moments, her thoughts, and the beauty of life. Something can always be learned from Emily's blog, even if it's as simple as her love for cupcakes. She, too, is 1/3 of the Muskateers.

4. Paige -- author of Live, Laugh, Love! Paige is my IRL* friend as well! We, too, went to elementary school together. And, just like Christine, we were never in the same class (sadly!). Paigey is a newlywed with an adorable poodle, Fenway. Proud aunt to Riley, Paige blogs about all sorts of things. And I'm pretty sure she participates in more blog carnivals than anyone I know. She is too cute for words and wears a scarf better than anyone I know. A trip to her blog is in order, even if it's just to see her adorable niece dressed up as a sock monkey ballerina. Really, could Paige's blog get any better? I think not.

5. Anonymous -- author of ????! You all also keep me going. Though you don't have a blog for me to read, I still love you dearly. Even if we've never met and you never sign your name, or if we've been long-time friends and you simply refuse to sign up for a blogger account (hehe), I love you! From Becky to Rebecca to Tara to my sister to my mom & dad to strangers of the world, I salute you for being courageous enough to comment. I, just like everyone else, truly love comments and it's encouraging to read what you all say. In a perfect world, each of you would also have a blog so I could read what you have to say, but I'm content with just hearing your thoughts regarding what I write.

Here's to all my bloggy friends! Thanks for being a part of Fort Cox. I love you all! :)

*In Real Life

Note: I will go more in-depth on the Muskateers at a later date! Keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Aw, THANK YOU! I'm SO SO SO SO GLAD our husbands are bff's and we met. Seriously. You, for real, keep me sane. :)


    Oh, and Christine, you are absolutely adorable! :D

  2. Isn't she, though!?!? I just HAD to put that picture up of her in that little outfit. That outfit just SCREAMS "Christeeny!" :) :)

    HA! And, for reeeal, YOU keep ME sane! But you knew that already :)

  3. YES SHE IS!

    (And I can't wait for her to read these comments of us swooning over her cuteness!)

    I'm so glad we keep each other sane. Hehehe!

  4. You are too stinkin cute! = )
    Em has now gotten hooked on your blogs (I wonder if she's your youngest faithful follower??) we love to read about life through your eyes... Thanks for sharing it with us!!
    Love ya!!
    Beck and Em

  5. Oh wittle Em!! Soo cute! :D I bet she DOES win the award for youngest reader!!! Although it is crazy that my 4-yr old nephew knows what a "blog" is :) It's so funny -- I'll tell him, "Tell your mom to look at my blog!" and he says "HEY MOM! LOOK AT SHANNIE'S BLOG!" :D So funny. I'm raising him right, aren't I!?

  6. Awww you are such a sweetheart! Thank you! And I LOVE the "anonymous" shout out! So funny!

  7. YOU ARE PRECIOUS!!! (And you knew I'd use that word, right? Because we're BFF!) I am SO honored to be on the top list...but even more honored to be a 1/3 muskateer! Robert is sitting right beside me literally judging me for how giddy I got reading this post!!! You are precious and wonderful and adorable and great and I am so glad we stalked each other and became online bffs. I can't wait til we meet. (Christine said she's gonna try to find out when you'll be home and get me to come! Fun times!!)

    Ok well, look out for my fun-time Christine/Shanon --like post about my favorite blog friends, too. =)

  8. Hahaha! They Anonymous is my favorite!

  9. I came into back into the bloggy world from my crazy life. I love you so. I will comment on the rest f your posts later. I'm so drowning in the bloggy world. HELP! :(

    I LOVE your anonymous thing. hahaha. It made me laugh so much. :) I love you more than words can say and more. :)

    Shannie, Emmy, Teeny. Oh yes. :)

  10. Teeny, I reeealllly hope that you & Emmy come to C's bday party. What would be cuter than pictures of all of us at a carnival WITH C and WITH EACH OTHER?? Darling, I tell ya. Plus, C would be thrilled to see you :)

  11. Dec 12th. Teeny knows where it is (I think), and I told her about it. It's in our hometown, so I hope that isn't too far for you to drive.. but, to meet me, you'd have to drive there anyway, so it wouldn't be any different..