Thursday, November 12, 2009

November Nor'Easter

Edit: Mark has to go back to work at 12am and do another 12-hour shift. Piper is very upset. We don't like sleeping alone without our Airman at night..

Mark recorded this as he was riding down the road. It looks like he's in a speed boat -- but, nope! He's just driving down the road on base! :)


That's how our newsman pronounces Norfolk. At first, I thought he pronounced it that way by accident. But nope. He really does pronounce it that way.

I'm not sure if the rest of the dry world has been mentioning or covering our big Virginia news. But if not, I'm here to the rescue. As always.

Mark and I are this close to building an ark, loading Piper in, and sailing back home to Kentucky.

Our back yard is flooded. Heck, everything is flooded. A semi truck was just photographed being swallowed up by the flood. Um, it's bad. Mark was called in by surprise at midnight, and he's working a 12 hour shift (for the first time) until noon today. He's trying to save Langley Air Force Base, which I hear is about to float away into the Atlantic Ocean. It just might, you know.

It's called the November Nor'Easter. Catchy, I say!

Every school, organization, and anything planned is canceled. Tonight around 5, the tide is going to rise 9-11 more inches.

Until then, I'm praying that Piper can hold her bladder like a soldier! She held it from 8pm-9am this morning. But when she had to go, we swam outside -- and poor thing was shocked by the water! She's still traumatized and is curled up in a ball on our blanket. Literally, the water in our backyard is covering our grass, so it's like she's peeing in a bathtub. I tried to get her to use a puppy pad, but she won't. Sigh.

And truly, nothing beats being woken up at 3am by your husband, who lovingly asks you to walk downstairs and see if our house is flooded. That was a first in our book of marital history!

Note: Yesterday night, when I took her outside, I got whacked in the head TWICE by two flying branches. Not cool, November Nor'Easter. Not cool.

The Today Show, my beloved morning program, is being overtaken by flood coverage. I'm not a happy camper swimmer.

Here's to living in Virginia Land!


  1. Going to go search pictures now!

  2. Wow! That's so crazy! Who needs a pool when you live in Virginia? :) you should post some pictures. You know, with your new favorite iToy. :)

  3. We aren't allowed to play in it at ALL because it's "toilet water" from the ocean & sewers & rain.. a combo of all!

    I think our house is okay.. our back patio is flooded completely. I'm more concerned about Mark at LAFB -- the base is COMPLETELY surrounded by water. It's *right* on the bay. I wish he wasn't even there... People are getting stuck in their cars, cars are being completely ruined.. ugh. I just want him to come home -- he better not have to go back at midnight tonight. I will be one unhappy wife...

  4. It looks terrible on the Weather Channel. Hope that it clears up soon. Never had to deal with anything like that. Love, mom

  5. I'm so sorry it's flooded!!!!!!!! I hope that it clears up, soon! Is there any sort of hope of it clearing up soon? Well, I hope your house doesn't get flooded! And I hope we get to see each other in exactly a month from today!!!!!

  6. Hehe. It's only going to get worse, EmBear! It's raining cats and dogs. Piper's been watching the rain all day. The flood is supposedly going to rise to the height of a doorknob on a door. It's bad news bears out there. But I'm staying indoors, and I'll keep you all updated! :)