Monday, November 2, 2009

fa la la la la...

So the seasonal Yankee Candles have been bought. And by "seasonal" I mean.. Christmas seasonal. Not fall seasonal. Even though it is technically fall. And it will be fall until the day after Thanksgiving.

At least in my book.

But, like, this is our first year with our own house. And we've been married for practically a year. So it isn't like we got married in October and only have to wait a couple months before our first Christmas. Nope. We got married in January, so we have to wait an entire year for Christmas to roll (crawl?) around again.

So forget what everyone says -- I am so totally going to decorate our house Christmasy tonight. Yes. Tonight. On November 2nd. I've got it in my head that I will bring home a Christmas tree tonight, also get some Christmas lights, and start decorating. Currently, we have orange lights hanging inside our house, but those can quickly be replaced with colored lights.

Ahh, yes, I can see it all in my head...

I feel pretty bad for my Yankee Candle scarecrow candle holders. They are mighty cute, but I'm this close to stuffing them into a box until next year. I totally also envision a homemade candle holder using peppermints as a base with a red candle in the center.

I totally feel like popping a Christmas CD (if I had one) into a CD player (if I had one) and singing along to Jingle Bells. How exciting.

But what's even more exciting is me going home in a tad over a month. Holy guacamole, I can't even STAND IT! :D


  1. I'm only slightly judging you for getting into the Christmas spirit so early. But that's ok, at Freed-Hardeman we put on a Christmas show...and it's been in the works for quite some time. AND it's less than a month I'm real excited. And I love how creative you are!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your precious little house!

  2. Whew. A slight judge from THE Emily isn't SO bad. It could be worse. Maybe. Christmas decorations > fall decorations. There's just no way around it.. candles, lights, trees, ornaments, snowmen.. it's just way better than pumpkins and scarecrows and leaves.

  3. Ohhh what scents did you get?! What's your favorite Christmas scent?!

    Mine is Christmas Eve. I think that's what it's called. It's a mixture of Mrs. Claus' cookies...and something else. Ha. YUM! And then my second favorite is Christmas cookie. I am OBSESSED with them. We still have a huge Christmas Cookie jar in our bathroom because I burn it so sparingly to keep it as long as possible. :)

  4. we have a big jar of Mrs. Claus' cookies.. YUMMO! And we also have Christmas Cupcake & Red Apple Wreath in votives.

    We also have, like, 10 Yankee Candles sitting around our living room :\ I didn't like any of the green ones. I have this candle thing that goes on top of our TV stand, and it holds 5 votives. So, depending on the season, I alternate colors. I *was* going to alternate red & green, but we liked the white (Christmas Cupcakes) better! So now it will be red & white.

    Once I get everything set up (in the distant future), I'll definitely take pictures!!

  5. It's ok Shannon, I'm practically finished Christmas shopping! I've been "planning" my decorations for a while, but nothing put into force yet! We are going way away from traditional Christmas colors though. I call them the "whoville" bright colors that you sometimes see in decorations-bright blue, bright green, yellow, bright purple, white, and a touch of bright pink. LOL CRAZY, I know. I love it.

  6. oooh, Paigey, I LOVE IT! Riley can be your little Cindy Lou Who! :D It will be great! Don't forget to post pictures, Paigey!!!!

  7. That sounds like so much fun! If I could put up a tree now I would, but Adam says no tree till the day after Thanksgiving, but you bet your butt it'll be up that morning! I am going Christmas shopping this weekend and I am super excited! I love the cookie scent! I have Christmas Cookie, and another one that I can't remember...Jack Frost maybe? I dunno...but Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year by far!!!

  8. Sorry..that was me! I always forget my name!