Wednesday, November 18, 2009


There ya go, mama! My hair's still wet in this picture, so this isn't how it will end up looking :) I'll post another picture later this week of my hair dry!

Fort the rest of you:

I got my hair cut for the first time in VA! She put Starburst-smelling Bed Head stuff in my hair. I'm in love! My hair also feels a zillion times better! :)


  1. I like it alot love,mom

  2. your comments always crack me up, mom.

  3. Why do haircuts always make us feel 98 times better?

  4. lol, idk, but I *almost* told the hair dresser (stranger) how great I felt. but then I thought that might sound weird.

    especially after I said, "This feels SO good.." when she was washing my hair. And she just giggled and didn't say anything. Um :\ yeah. lol.

  5. lovely, just lovely.

    i also want some of that starburst stuff!

    I'm totally jealous of people with curly hair, can I just say that? Mine's real, REAL straight. blah

  6. HA! You're so funny! I can't stand getting my hair washed when I get my hair cut. The "tubs" always hurt my head and my head is sore for days. I've only have ONE good hair washing from a hair dresser, and she's the best lady whose ever cut my hair. :)