Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Strollers: Holy Cow

As you may recall, I'm going to be an Aunt^3.
Excited would be an understatement.

And, as you recall, I like to use my blog for product reviews and I love to help other people.

Today, I'm combining those two passions into a post I like to call:

Strollers: Holy Cow

In June, Hudson will be just under two years old, and she'll have a newborn. While she plans on packing around the newest edition in a sling, she'll undoubtedly need a double stroller. And, being the good sister that I am, I'm here to her rescue! (And yours, too, if you're in the market for a double stroller..)

1. Phil & Teds: The bright orange stroller you see MckMama pushing the Happy Meal in. The seat has 4 positions for your kiddo: upright, heads up, sleepy, or lie flat. The front seat holds a child up to 5 years, and the backseat holds a child up to 3 years. You can get a Phil and Teds Double Kit (similar to one shown below) on Amazon for $539. Personally, I think this stroller is adorable.

Here's MckMama with her adorable orange Phil & Teds:

Simply scrumptious, don't you think!?

And, hey, even Madonna & Gweneth Paltrow push one!


2. UPPAbaby: This stroller is actually a single stroller, you buy a Rumble Seat extra. Kinda similar in looks to the Phil & Teds. The Rumble Seat holds kiddos from 6 months to 35 pounds. It has 3 possible configurations:

*Infant in car seat & toddler in RumbleSeat

*Infant in reclined stroller seat & toddler in RumbleSeat

*Toddler to 50 lbs. in stroller seat & toddler in RumbleSeat

Unfortunately, this could get kinda pricey. First, you'd have to buy the UPPAbaby system:

And then buy the RubmleSeat extra $129. So, um, yeah. Pretty pricey. Oh, and don't even get me started on the features of the UPPAbaby. First of all, that bassinet is to die for. Second of all, the actual stroller seat can flip frontwards or backwards, so your child can look at you or look out at the world.

I HIGHLY recommend that you watch this video. This lady explains the entire stroller and benefits of it, as well as all the configurations. It's very very informative. Lauren, WATCH THIS!!

(Note: In the first picture of the UPPAbaby, see that little wooden foot stool in the front? A third child can stand on it (your oldest kid) and ride along! So it actually transforms into a TRIPLE stroller!)


3. Joovy Caboose: This stroller is just adorable. The front seat holds a child from 6 months to 45lbs. However, the Joovy has a universal car seat adapter, so you can put your newborn in the Joovy as soon as Sprout arrives! Hudson (or your older child, if you aren't my sister) can sit or stand in the back (which is totally fun for a toddler to ride backwards like a big kid!)

This video is really helpful in understanding the different positions, and how to put a car seat in the Joovy with Hudson:

You can get a Joovy for only $125 on Amazon! And in orange, too!


4. Maclaren Twin Triumph: This stroller is suitable for kids straight outta the womb. There really isn't much to say about it except that it's pretty straight-forward and easy. On Amazon, they sell for $225. Kind of expensive for what it is. But in Virginia, Maclaren is all the rage. Everyone owns a Maclaren.


5. Combi Twin Sport: This sorta looks like the Maclaren, but it comes in brighter colors. Again, this stroller is suitable for newborns, so you don't have to hook up a car seat. The neat thing about this stroller is that it folds down and folds in half, so it actually folds to the size of a regular stroller. The stroller alone sells for $169 on Amzon, OR you can get the stroller AND the Combi car seat for $390 on Amazon.


6. Peg Perego Twin: I know, I know. Now they're all starting to look the same. The difference with this stroller is that one side is called the "60" side and the other is the "40" side. The 60 side is compatible with a car seat. I really really love Peg Perego. You can get one on Amazon for $300. Pricey. I know.


I vote for the Phil and Teds. And not just because MckMama has one (but that's part of it, I won't lie!), but because we both know that H won't want to sit in a stroller forever. The Phil & Teds and UPPAbaby can both be transformed to both look like a single stroller, so you aren't stuck with a double stroller after H outgrows it.


  1. So, hands down you're a better aunt than me. Just sayin'. Though I did spend the afternoon holding/feeding Ava so my sister could work around the house =)

  2. Nothing to do with this post, but I just discovered that a coworker of mine was one of the coaches for C's soccer team! The only girl on his team is the daughter of my coworker! :)

  3. NO WAY!! Let me think of her name.. UGH... Blonde hair. Adorable. Always wears ribbons in her hair for games... Does it start with a P? I can't remember. Crikey!!! :[

    C's dad (my bro in law, obviously) is the assistant coach! So I've seen her dad :) How sweet!

    and thanks, Em. I dearly dearly love my sister's babies. They don't know it yet, but I'm really their 2nd mother. Basically. They have my little heart!

  4. Her name is Kendle-and yes, she is super cute. Daniel said that Will was another coach and what a great guy he was! He brought in a team picture today to show us and I saw C and was like OH MY GOODNESS I KNOW HIM!!!!!

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  6. Sorry for the double comment-it wasn't showing up right and I tried to repost it. :)

  7. aww PAIGEY! So sweet :) :) C loves soccer!! And Kendle, yes, that's her name! Adorable little name! :)

  8. Ok, the bassinet thingy in the first stroller looks like the basket that ToTo was in in the Wizard of Oz. haha. Ok, who knew that someone could talk about a stroller for 10 minutes? Well, you see, that's like a transformer stroller. :)

  9. I have the Phil & Ted's and it's an amazing design. We love ours!