Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving & Black Friday!

We must be crazy. We must!

Today, my mom, sister, Clayton, and I risked our lives went to Target first thing in the morning. The line stretched on for miles. Well, maybe not that much, but it was huge. I got the very last Batman Bat Cave for Clayton's 5th birthday present. I felt pretty bad when I saw a lady run to the aisle, only to find out that I took the last one.


We stood in line forever and checked out. And then we got even crazier (borderline insanity) and went to Toys R Us . I would compare Toys R Us on Black Friday to.. well.. a demolition zone. There were giant piles of destroyed toys and clothes. It looked like a tornado blew through. Holy smokes!

And then we went to Gymboree (moms will stand in line forever to get cute clothes for their babes at a discounted price..) and American Eagle. Then Kohls.

My legs are jello. My back aches. My feet are sore. I'm exhausted. But it was SO FUN!

I'm done shopping for almost everyone, including Mark! He ventured out on his own to the mall early this morning to buy my present. What a man. (In a good way, I mean!!)


Thanksgiving Day was fantastic! Extended family drove in and we feasted together on yummy traditional (southern) food! Nothing screams "home" like hashbrown casserole, sweet potato casserole, and celery filled with "cheese stuff."

We also got a Wii today, as well as Mario! We've been having a blast with Wii sports, and it turns out that I'm pretty good at (virtual) tennis! So fun! If you have a Wii, do you have any suggestions for games!? I really like The Sims, but the man at the store gave it a bad review. So far we just have Mario and the "free" Wii sports! But we're loving it!

I hope each of you DBR* had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We're loving being at home in Kentucky, and I will for sure be back in two weeks! Hopefully Mark will too! We'll see! :)

*Dear Bloggy Readers


  1. I refuse to get out on Black Friday. To stores, I mean, since we went to Indiana today.

    Anyway. Glad you had fun with your fam. :)

  2. So glad that you are enjoying your hometime with the family... : ) AND glad that you're not too busy to keep us "in the loop" as to what you guys are up to!! Have fun! = )

    PS... we have the wii fit and really like it! Yoga is fun and I'm addicted to the ski jump thing on it- it's for balance and strengthening your leg muscles... very fun!!!

  3. It really wasn't that bad. Stores were passing out these cards where you get extra percents off. We really did get good deals!! Idk what Mark got me, so I don't know if he got a good deal or not.. but they had a lot of toys 50% off, which was a great deal! It was only stinky because I had to stand on my feet and shop so much. It pays off to get a better deal! I am alllll for saving money.

    And Becky, I've heard that the yoga is good too!! We love it so far!

  4. Get Big Brain Academy for the Wii adn Wii Sports Resort is fun too.

  5. I just can't do crowds of people. I don't even like walking on campus, really. I basically have panic attacks. Ha. So I avoid large crowds at all costs! :D

  6. Don't buy the sims. If u want to spend ur time working, cleaning house, making money and building relationships, do it in real life. Very worthless game IMO. The point of a game is to enjoy doing stuff u can't do in real life. So buying a game that's nothing but living life is, well, useless. Lol :)

  7. We rented a Wii one weekend and REALLY liked Mario Party. We also got an arcade games one that had darts and cornhole and stuff. I liked that one a lot too. My suggestion would be to rent the games from a video store and see how you like them before buying! Hope its a lot of fun!! :)

  8. Ok, what do they do with the destroyed toys? That's so crazy! People get out of control. I've never braved Black Friday. Umm, I've always been working. Well, that's kinda brave, right? :)

    people get crazy about chicken too, ya know.

    ps. WHO is that precious baby girl that Mark is holding?