Wednesday, November 11, 2009

iFreakin Cool

Okay -- I'll admit it: Apparently I've been living under a rock.

For the past couple of years, everyone around me has gotten an iPhone left and right. And I thought (naively), what's the big deal?! My Samsung does just fine, and it's all I'll ever need!

Oh, sweet little naive me. Blinded by my Samsung touch phone that impersonated the much cooler, more expensive iPhone. But then I decided (this past weekend) that I wanted one for myself. Because I did. So I got it.

They aren't paying me to write this blog post, although they should, but I seriously can't keep this to myself. I have got to tell you all about this phone, just in case you, too, are living under a big rock. Because huddling under a big rock with your ancient cellular device is no fun.

Holy cow -- where do I begin!?

The Applications

Omgosh. Really? I cannot emphasize how many commercials I've seen regarding these iPhone applications. And I ignored them all. But let me be the one to tell you: holy fizzle fo shizzle, THEY ROCK! I've got a zillion types of apps (all for free!). I'll go ahead and list some of my favorites:

* The Bible: Um, hello? What could be cooler than having the entire Word of God at your fingertips at all times?! It has literally every translation under the sun. You can search the Bible for a word (in case you forgot the verse) or just plain read the entire book of Habakkuk. If you want.

*Pandora: Um, hello? What could be cooler than having any radio station I want at my finger tips at all times?! Now I can listen to Christian music all the time without any fuzziness. And, on our long road trips back home, we'll always have yummy Christian music to rock out to!! Good grief, it just doesn't get any better. Ahh!

*Kiddie Apps: Um, hello? What could be cooler than educational apps for kids? Seriously, they're to die for. If we're stuck in traffic, I can just pass my phone to my nephew and have him work on his ABCs. I've downloaded two: ABC Phonics and Baby Flash Cards. The first works with upper & lowercase recognition (match the uppercase B with its lowercase counterpart). Only, they don't use big terminology. Ahem. It also has games where you "Touch the M! Touch the H!" The Baby Flash Cards is here to help your child build its vocabulary: it shows a picture (airplane, for example), and spells the word underneath. So, if you're stuck in line at the grocery store, you can practice your vocabulary with your 4-year old! I LOVE IT. Good heavens, someone deserves some kind of prize for inventing this.

*Various games: I've only downloaded two, but I can tell that they're going to be super fun. Nothing beats helping a mouse find its cheese when boredom strikes. And virtual farming is just loads of fun. Well, kind of.

*The zillion other apps: Ok. For real, you can do just about anything. Wanna learn French? Work on your math skillz? Calculate your BMI? Learn a new workout routine? Learn about the phases of the moon, the animal species, different religions, ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES?? It's all on this iPhone. MAMA MIA it's delish.

Note: I've never used the term mama mia when describing my love for something. But, for real, mama mia this iPhone is amazing.

The Internet

Well, that's to be expected. I know. But honestly? This little sucker sometimes loads faster than our laptop or desktop! I can check up on email, my blog, your blog, Facebook, etc. at all times. Not that I would. Because I am definitely not addicted to the Internet. No sirree. Nuh uhh.


The Camera

I'm so not used to having a super-dee-duper camera and video recorder. But, alas, now I do. Now I can share my most intimate moments with you, such as announcing that we got an iPhone. Now I can take pictures of Piper's cute moments without it being re-sized to the size of a lima bean. I'm truly excited. Words can't describe. Well, maybe so: mama mia.

The Voice Commands

Ok. Not a new invention. No biggie. Well, it is. Yes huh. It actually works without error. Mark just says, "Call Shannon!" and immediately, little miss Smartie Pants announces: CALLING SHANNON COX! And, let me just say: It's super cool to hear miss Smartie Pants iPhone saying my name in her electronicy voice. I just can't get enough. I mean, all of us find ourselves in those situations where our hands are utterly full and we can't take a speck of a second to locate Friend A in our contacts list, and we just must resort to using the voice command. Well, ok. I've never actually found myself in that situation. But someday, if I find myself handcuffed and in a prison cell, and they actually let me have my iPhone, and I'm able to slide the slider to unlock it, I'll definitely be able to use that neato voice command and call my husband.

That scenario could definitely happen. And when it does, my trusty iPhone will come to my rescue.

The Zillion Other Things It Does

Like, I don't want to overwhelm you with the magnificence of this contraption. But it's so cool. Go ahead and check your stocks, watch videos on YouTube, use your compass (since we all regularly use those), or leave yourself a voice message. Oh, and apparently this thing doubles as an iPod?! What the fudge?!?! Does it get any better? I've never actually had an iPod, because I'm not hip like that (at all), but apparently they're very "in," so I'm pretty excited.

Now run along and buy yourself one. You cant thank me later.

Special thanks to ChrisTeeny MuskAteer for making me want one so bad.


  1. Seeee?!? It's the best. It tool Austin a long time to convince me, but I love it. I mean I've always been addicted to my phone, but now? Now you'd have to pry it from my cold dead hands. Seriously. Haha. Best invention ever. Im glad you love it, ShanniePants. :)

  2. YAY!!!!!

    Ps: PLEEEEASE come to C's bday party!! We coud run the duck pond together. What would be more fun? I'm thinking of going to Walmart, fishing through the Halloween section, and finding some super cheap face paint. Becuse carnivals = facepaint, si? yes, yes.

  3. si!!! Tell me when that is again. I keep forgetting.

  4. Dec 12th (Saturday) at top secret location -- I wrote it on Em's fb wall. It's in BG, so if you WANTED to see me, that'd be a good time! :) It's at 11am.

  5. I love that you got an iPhone! I really want one, too! But, I think I'm getting a blackberry for my birthday....since we have verizon and my parents pay for my plan still. But I am totally jealous of yours! I'm so glad that I get to see updates even more now!! =)

  6. Didn't your birthday just happen, Emmby bear?

  7. You are a walking commercial. :)
    Can't wait to have you and Mark back home.

  8. okay. you really made me want one!

  9. I must not be to your left or right. ;)

    And I am perfectly fine with living under a big rock.

    Note: I do think the iPhone is innovative, neat, and full of fun stuff. I just don't personally want one. But I'm glad you enjoy yours. :)

  10. Yes, my birthday did just happen! But my mom is taking me shopping over Thanksgiving break!

  11. I'll look! Maybe Em can come to BG then. :)

  12. HAHAHA OMG Shannon, I just have to say... that I just read your iphone post at work and actually laughed out loud... loudly haha. Good thing I was by myself out here at the time!!! I don't know what you majored in, but you should SERIOUSLY think about doing some sort of journalism and writing your own column. I can definitely say I would be an AVID reader and I think you would have a huge following! I don't even read the newspaper, but I would for stuff like this! Maybe you should even write a book about air force wife life. You could make millions!! And I would definitely buy a copy lol.