Monday, November 2, 2009

Quoth the Shannon, "Do not go."

Ah, distinctly I remember, it was in the warm October
And we traveled to Richmond on a Saturday's bore,
Eagerly I sought Poe, to see his museum, I was gung-ho.
From the museum, it was quite depressing, depressing for the Lost Ed'Poe,
For the weird young man whom his mother named Ed'Poe,
Terrible museum, do not go.

From the second stanza in The Raven

this one's for The Tell Tale Heart
my favorite

his wifey's piano



some kind of monument thing
very cool



  1. Oh, Poe.
    How I enjoy your poetry and prose.
    But on the word of dear Shannon,
    to your museum I will not go.


  2. Ha! It really was terrible, and I LOVE all museums. But not this one. It was SO TINY. Literally, some spots were so tight that only one person could be in an area at a time. It was SO small. And there was ZERO info on his life, besides his mother dying so early and him being adopted :\ Shoot, I learned WAY more in English class!! Sad, I know :[ It was listed on the "Top 10 Things To Do In Richmond," so I really thought it would be good. :\

  3. Where did you all end up eating? I hope the food made up for the museum!

  4. well THAT trip to Richmond was 2 weeks ago, and idk where we ate. I can't remember a darn thing.

    but we went to Richmond this past Saturday.. We drove to The Boathouse, but it was closed! :[ Didn't open til 5!!! So we ended up eating Chipotle. But it was still yummy!