Monday, November 23, 2009

in the spring of '07

In the spring semester of 2007, Mark and I made the mistake of taking Micro Economics together.

Everyone knows that it's a bad idea to take a class with the person you're madly in love with. That's just asking for it.

Of course, we were good students and paid close attention, took notes, and studied each night.

Ok. Maybe we didn't. But we did do some of this:

What is all of that madness? Well, you have two people coming from South Central Kentucky.

(That's us)

Along with:
John 3:16
a head with tons of curly hair (me!)
knuckle wrinkles
his name

and on my hand, it reads: Nibbles loves Puppy (read: Shannon loves Mark)

with a puppy on my hand.

If college isn't about finding your spouse, taking a class together, and totally not paying attention at all (but coming out with a B.. somehow), I don't know what it is about

2007 was a good year!


  1. precious!!!!! And such is the story of Emily and Robert in (get this) Holocaust Films with Emily falling asleep everyday on her "best friend only!!" Robert's shoulder....and BF Robert bringing his jacket everyday for his cold, "best friend only!" Emily...who was Oh so cold all the time!

  2. so sweet, Emmy!!! You are such a doll. Sweetest PW-to-be in the world! :)

  3. Ha! For a second I thought the triangle on his hand was one of those relationship triangles... you know with Jesus at the top and the other two people finishing the triangle. haha, I started laughing when I read that it was Kentucky! (Hope that makes sense...)

    Michael and I took a few classes together in college too... those were definitely my favorite :)

  4. I met my spouse in Math 109.

    I mean, you already knew that. But still. :)

  5. Never took a class with J, of course, he's a ew years older than me. I'm sure it would have been fun though. I know how boring micro is, so at least you two made it fun!

  6. We took English Lit together. I read all the books and he did not. He got a better grade. It is still a point of contention.

    Cute post! It brought me back!

  7. I met my umm, one day spouse in band. And got to know him in Geometry. Oh, school. :)