Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Christmas Carol review!

Since you begged so nicely, I'm giving you exactly what you asked for: a movie review of A Christmas Carol.

Mark and I went to see it yesterday at our local theater, and overall, I give it a B+

It wasn't 3D. At all. Even though the previews said it was. I'm not sure why -- there were certain spots in the movie that we knew were supposed to be 3D. But they weren't. Maybe you have to see it in an IMAX theater to get the 3D-ness, but they didn't say that in the previews.

So I don't know.

The graphics in this movie are to die for. It is, most likely, the best animation I have ever seen. Ebeneezer Scrooge actually looks like a real man. It's beautiful, really. Well, as beautiful as a huge nose with gray hairs poking from it can possibly be.

Should I be embarrassed that I didn't actually know the story of A Christmas Carol? I knew that the 3 spirits came to see him, that he was a mean man, and that he turned nice in the end. Mark thought it was cute (and hilarious) that I didn't know who Tiny Tim was. Oops! Now I do! :)

The movie is fun, beautiful, and awesome scenery. My only problem with this movie is that the language is almost old English. Seriously, I had to listen very closely to understand exactly what the fudge they were saying. It was definitely very Charles Dickinsish language -- which is cute for adults, but totally and utterly confusing for kids.

There's no doubt about it -- my 4-year old nephew wouldn't have a clue what was going on, because there's no way he'd understand it! Pretty sad that they chose to make that decision. The plot is hard enough to understand, as it is. Add in weird, old English, and you're really lost.

Plus, there are quite a few scary moments. A demon-like ghost chases Scrooge along with dead horses. He also nearly falls to his grave (which looks similar to hell), and it would definitely be scary for a kid.

So, to sum it up, I would recommend it if you're older, but don't take your child to see it. Besides, the themes in this movie are way too grown up. There's no way a child would understand Scrooge loving money, his wife leaving him, him turning into an old grouch, etc. It's just too advanced for kids.

I wouldn't watch it again or anything, but we did like it in theaters. It really was nicely made, and nothing beats seeing Jim Carey as cartoon ghosts. Pretty funny!


  1. Neat. :) I would like to see it. Perhaps on DVD or something. I'm SURE it may come out before Christmas. Maybe. Who knows.

  2. :) There are a BUNCH of cute holiday-themed movies that come out Thanksgiving weekend, and I bet they'll do better than this movie. We were here on opening night, and there were, like, 5 families in the WHOLE theater :\

  3. Did you have the 3D glasses? It was showing in 3D and in not 3D at our theatre in BG. We saw it in 3D was ok but I was not a fan! It was definitely creepy!

  4. No! No one in our theater had glasses! :[ I mean, the ONLY reason we went to see it was for the 3D part. I wasn't a fan either :\ It would have definitely creeped my nephew out. Very weird.