Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 in pictures

January 10, 2009
We become husband and wife!

February 5, 2009
I create Fort Cox and post this picture:

March 26, 2009
Mark graduates Basic Military Training

April 7, 2009
We find out our first duty station: Langley AFB

May 17, 2009
I graduate with a bachelor's degree from WKU

June 30, 2009
I purchase our first car as a married couple!

July 3, 2009
I visit M for the 2nd time at Sheppard AFB

August 7, 2009
Piper joins our family

September 12, 2009
we move to Hampton, VA and into our first home

October 4, 2009
My family comes to visit!

November 25, 2009
We shock everyone and come home for Thanksgiving!

December 25, 2009
We celebrate our first Christmas as a family!

What a fun-filled, whirlwind of a year!
We've come such a long way since January...

but it's been sooo much fun
and I'm glad we've got to share (most of) it with you!

Happy New Year from the Cox's!
May 2010 bring lots of exciting changes and thrilling blog posts ;]


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  2. lol. I know.. that was a momentous day.. the day I met my Tara Bara! :D That's ok. You can include that day in YOUR blog as the day you met ME! (aka the best day of your life!)

  3. I am so excited about stealing this (and of course linking yours) for my blog tomorrow!

    I, also, would like to note that this was a momentous year because WE met as well---in person, too! =)

    Check back with mine tomorrow (afternoon, because I sleep that late thanks to my pain meds!), I'm sure to have posted my pictures....AND, I'll have another one that I'm about to finish up now! =)

  4. Love it! Such an exciting year! I might just have to do one similar to this. :-) It's super cute!
    And yay for May 2010!!! Ahem...we started ;-)

  5. Eeee! End-of-the-year picture recap posts are my favorite! Mine is scheduled to post tomorrow. :)

  6. the greatest year yet! I love you shannie!!!