Thursday, December 10, 2009

my trip home: a poem!

Sometimes, I lay in bed at night and plan my next blog post. I get it all laid out in my head and plan it for the next day. I promise myself that I won't forget my grand ideas. I try my best to memorize it.

Last night was no exception. I had a mini-rendition of The Night Before Christmas worded perfectly, redone for my own personal experiences of coming home. It was classic, funny, and cute. I just knew I would remember it.

But then I fell asleep, woke up, and forgot the whole thing. Sorry. It would have been really great, but you'll never know now. Instead, I'll just have to write a poem to make up for it. Sorry.

so there I was
3am finally came
we drove to Norfolk
it was pouring rain

checked in at the airport
walked to my gate
it was empty and quiet
so I sat and wait

sat next to a big man
he wouldn't breathe through his nose
turned his air up on high
so I sat there and froze

drank a bad latte in Charlotte
which rang up a $4 bill
hopped onto my plane
and headed to Nashville

came home to baby H
he was as cute as can be
kissed his sweet belly
and waited for C

asked him to sleep over
on a school night, no less!
well, sharing a bed with C
turned out to be a mess :)

I let him stay up late
yes, he was awake at TEN!
he prayed a funny (silly) prayer
but ended it with Amen :)

we talked about dinosaurs
and the love of his life;
how he'll ask her to curl her hair
when she becomes his wife

he snuggled up close
and he held my hand
I caressed his little face
and he drifted off to dreamland

"Goodnight, my little angel,
I love you, yes I do.."
"Night night, my Shannie
I really love you."

That was all a totally true story. We hopped in bed and snuggled close -- we were so cold.

me: C, let's talk about life.

C: Ok. What do you want to talk about?

me: I dunno.. what do you want to talk about?

C: Dinosaurs? Do you want to talk about dinosaurs?

So we talked about dinosaurs. His favorite is a T-Rex because he can kill everyone. Mine is a long neck. We talked about his fiance and which classmate wants to marry her, as well. We giggled and cuddled and discussed Sprout. I rubbed my fingers across his face. The minute I touched his soft little cheeks, he was fast asleep.

Ahh. Time to go to bed. Goodnight!

... Well, kind of. Except he flopped like a fish all night long. Turns out, I make a great pillow! Off and on all night long, he would use my back as a pillow. Like, literally. I got used to it, but then he'd flop up and sleep at the end of the bed. Then back to his pillow. The back to my back, and it continued until 6:30am, when he popped up and whispered, "Shannie? Are you ready to get up?"

As if, baby doll :]

So he trotted off to preschool, and I spent the day with mom and H (that's an entirely differnt blogpost!

Tomorrow we'll be setting up for C's big birthday bash! So exciting! Piper had her first face trim today. We took the plunge and left her out of her crate for the entire day. Mark left at the crack of dawn and only came home at lunch to take her out. She didn't pee or poop ALL DAY inside. She left the house spotless. I'm so proud of our big girl! She's so responsibile and we love her dearly. She is truly growing up. Way to go, Piper Diaper!


  1. Great post!!! Love the poem, especially the part where C snuggled up to you and you caressed his little face! I do that every night with my little boy. You'll be a wonderful mom someday!!! Also cracked up at the part about C's future wife...too funny!!!

  2. Way to go, Pi! Can't wait to hear about C's party.

  3. I just love reading your posts, they are so stinkin cute! :-)