Saturday, December 19, 2009

the post where i used a bunch of parenthesis and no capitalization

we were supposed to get a bunch of snow today.

emphasis on supposed to. outside, it's raining cold (but not freezing) rain. a couple hours away, they got over 8 inches of snow. some cities in VA were expecting over 14 inches. here on the coast, our grass is just soggy, and it isn't pretty.

i had high hopes of dressing our puppy up in reindeer attire, dragging her in the cold (she hates wet weather), and photographing her like it was my job (because, in my mind, it is).

but, nope. we're all just laying around the house. me? i'm watching home alone 2. my older (but still my baby) nephew just watched this on tuesday night. but this movie never gets old.

today, we'll be venturing out in the cold to visit the commissary to buy meat. i have a bunch of new recipes up my sleeve (or up my apron, if i had one)! yesterday, we made peanut butter balls. and they were a smash (or they were a ball... like, literally). they are extremely easy to make, and i'd feel silly "sharing the recipe" since you can google it yourself with ease. but holy guacamole. we love all things peanut butter!

tonight i'm going to try a new reynolds-wrap-baked-diced-potato-thingy. if they turn out good, i will share! and, as i'm sure you're aware, Christmas is coming up at the end of the week! i'll be experimenting two things i've never ever made: turkey and dressing.


more on that later :)

until then, you can find mark, piper, and myself bundled up in our jammies (well, okay, just me in my jammies) watching Christmas movies til the cows come home! (or until december 26th, when they take all Christmas movies off the air).

did i mention that mark gets the entire week off of work? whatever shall we do with 9 days to ourselves?!

we haven't decided yet, but i will be sure to let you know!

love love love!

ps. you can view my yummo peanut butter balls by scrolling down and looking at my twitpics on the right-hand side. we sure can't eat them all, so i wish i could throw a pb ball to each of you. or send them through my hard drive to yours. sigh.


  1. Bummer. Someone my mom knows in VA got 24 inches. And it's still snowing.

  2. ahhh!! :[ Totally stinky.. If I got 2 feet of snow, I would be thrilled to bits!! I'd make a giant snowman!!! :D I *think* there is a possibility of more snow tonight, so I hope some comes my way now!!!

  3. Dont want to rub it in but I am in one of those cities in Va that got 18+ inches of snow. Our family of five tried to take a hike in it but it was way past my 5 year olds knees. It was fun but not the type of snow for a snowman:<

  4. Shann: I'm trying so hard to read your blogs and keep up...but my eyes keep going crossed and I almost fall asleep (wisdom teeth out yesterday). I might blog later, or at least tomorrow or Monday. We'll see. They say the "worst" is supposed to hit soon, so who knows. Anyway, I promise I'm going to read, and I'm going to try to comment in a timely manner. Just know I'm here. However lost in medication 'here' may be.

  5. aww Em :[ I had all 4 of mine out when I was a junior in high school.. It wasn't bad at all for me though. 2 hours after my surgery, I was eating mac & cheese. the wost part, for me, was the excessive blood. stinky!

  6. I wish I could say the same. You might not wanna read my blog if you have a weak stomach. My experience has not been pleasant. Or cute. Hopefully I'll feel up to blogging about it tomorrow.