Sunday, December 20, 2009


five birthdays:


Happy Birthday, little one! You made me an aunt, on this day, five years ago! I remember getting the call that mommy was headed to the hospital, and I went straight there in the middle of the night! And then I got tired, so I went home and slept, and came back a few hours later. We waited and waited, and then we heard the sweet Brahm's Lullaby, and daddy brought you out in a little blue blanket. You had curly brown hair, and you were squinting with one eye open so you could see the world! I loved you the instant I saw you, and I can't believe you're already five. You went through a little (big) period of loving me soo much (really, nothing's changed!), and I would get you to sleep every night around 6pm when Wheel of Fortune came on. You loved the sounds and the flashing colors of the big wheel, but my secret Patting Your Butt & Rocking You technique didn't give you a chance :) I literally caught your spit up in my hand as it projected from your mouth like a bomb. I changed your poopy diapers, even though you refuse to believe it. I made you special homemade CDs of classical music -- your favorite was The Four Seasons, of course! I toted you around everywhere. And during your first year of life, you always wanted to be held by Aunt Shannie!

I love you so very much. I'm so thankful that you picked me to be your best friend forever, "even when you turn 15." I love love love you forever!!

Aunt Shannie



  2. Wow. Do kids really grow up that fast? *sigh*

  3. It's pretty tragic. I totally cried this morning on the couch about Clayton turning 5. I'm not even kidding :\

    this is totally off topic, but I totally just typed "JJ" when I was about to say something about your son. very very weird. that just came out of nowhere, and my fingers took a life of their own. lol.

  4. That's so adorable. I know it's all going to happen so fast with Ava, too, but I hope I can be just as good of an aunt to her as you are to C and Hudsie.

  5. it's pretty simple. there's only one requirement:

    lots and lots of invested time :)

    oh, and lots of love and hugs and snuggles :)

    crikey, I miss my boys!

  6. So I thought I should say hi... since you see this person from MA on your traffic a lot. :o) I found your blog through McMamma and decided to check it out!


  7. We thought about using "JJ" as his blog name, but we don't like it. :/ I think we've finally thought of something, though! Just a few more days to roll it over in our heads before we decide 100%. :)

    And woah, was it as weird typing "your son" as it was for me to read it? WOW!