Wednesday, December 23, 2009

guess who!

This little boy is celebrating another birthday today!

Can you guess who?

Hint: He can still fall asleep sitting up on the couch. And, in the summer, is frequently found with dirty feet.

Any idea? He sure is one cute, blonde toddler!

Yep! It's my husband! Happy 24th birthday, darling! Instead of spending your birthday on the beaches of Hawaii, you'll be spending this day on the beaches of Virginia. Except we won't be going to the beach because it's too cold. But still.

I love love love you forever!


Flashback: The first time I celebrated Mark's birthday with him -- he turned 21, and I surprised him with a Subaru STI cake:

I love you so much :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday with your two girls! (me and Piper, for those of you who are confused!)


  1. thanks babe! I love you to death

  2. Aw, I didn't know about what you did for him for his 21st birthday! How cute! Happy birthday Mark!

  3. He came to Clayton's 2nd birthday party, so we did Clayton's thing.. then I convinced Mark to go play soccer outside for a few minutes with C (sneaky me). So that gave me time to get all of Mark's presents out and get his cake and balloons ready! So when he came in, we all started singing to him and started HIS party :) 2006 was a good year :)