Sunday, December 27, 2009

I recommend:

Staying up until 3am wasn't what I had in mind. I'm not positive, but it might just be the latest I've ever stayed up at night. I know, I'm such a party animal.

I wasn't at a party. I wasn't at a night club. I wasn't cruising the town or doing any risky business. My husband and dog were asleep beside me, and I was reading one heckuva good book:

Remember A Walk to Remember? (the movie?) It was fantastic, and nothing was sadder than seeing Mandy Moore with cancer. But I'd never actually read a Nicholas Sparks book -- until I saw the trailer for Dear John, and I ran to the base library immediately to check it out!

The book is about a soldier, John, who is stationed in Germany and is on leave for two weeks. While on leave, he meets a girl, Savannah, who is doing charity work for the summer. In two weeks they fall in love, but then he has to return to his base overseas. They write, call each other, and email, and then John is sent to Kosovo. Later, 9/11 occurs, and he's sent to Iraq. The book is about their relationship while he's in the military and the struggles that long distance relationships create. It is so good. I literally could not put it down. I just kept reading and reading, and I had to find out what happened.

But I will say this: It was one of the saddest books ever. The book isn't a mystery -- as John flat out tells you in the prologue that he does not end up with Savannah. I really recommend this book! I give it an A-, simply because it has a sad ending. Has Nicholas Sparks ever heard of a happy ending? I highly doubt it...

The movie comes out February 5th, and I can't wait!

In other news, one of my best friends, Tara, just created a blog! You should check it out -- she's so cute, I can't stand it! :)


  1. If Nicholas Sparks created happy books, they just wouldn't be as good. They might make us happier, but he just knows how to push those emotional buttons of ours. Whatever, I love him. I definitely need to read Dear John. Maybe my sister will finish it soon =)

  2. I read this when it first came out and loved it. But I love all of his books and have every one of them! I'm excited about the movie too Shannon!


  3. My mother-in-law just gave me this book on Christmas day to read. I am in the middle of reading The Shack at the moment, but as soon as I finish it I look forward to starting on Dear John.

  4. The Shack was SOOO GOOD! I loved every minute of it! I think everyone should read that book!! :) Also, you should read The Lovely Bones.. it comes out on January 15th in theaters, and it was a GREAT book!!