Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!


Christmas Eve is here! Like the terrible newlywed busy wife that I am, I failed to send out cute Christmas cards to friends and family. I just lost about 5036 points on that one. However, I would never fail to customize a Christmas picture on Picnik for my DBR*!! Trust me, it was super hard getting this shot. Moving furniture, balancing a Canon Rebel, getting the right aim, looking good, getting Piper to look at the camera, and holding it all together? A piece of cake. Piece of pie.

Kind of. After 50 tries, we were nearly pros. Sorta.

At any rate, today includes many fun items on the agenda for the Cox Family:
-making a pumpkin pie for tomorrow
-getting all my recipes and ingredients in order for the Big Day
-attending to our church's Christmas Eve service
-buy Piper a new Christmas present, because we gave her the original gift yesterday
-searching high and low for a picture album that holds 500 pictures -- I have a huge shipment of 424 pictures arriving today (not including Christmas in KY or C's birthday....)
-relaxing and watching Christmas movies with Mark and Piper

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

And just in case you were wondering, I'm making my very first turkey (I'll admit it: I'm intimidated by the bird in my fridge), hashbrown casserole, sweet potato casserole, dressing (a nightmare. Tinker, if you read this, HELP ME!), green beans, and pumpkin pie. But before that, we'll be opening presents, taking pictures, and watching A Christmas Story (am I the only American that still loves this movie? How could you pass up Ralphie on Christmas Day?!)


On a separate note, it is 1:37am (yes. I stayed up redecorating my blog..) and I somehow lost my Yankee Candle lip balm in bed. Mark and Piper are asleep, and I was sure that it was lost in the sea of covers. After 3 hours of my lip balm going AWAL, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my butt. I reached down and felt my lip balm stuck on my butt. Like, almost welded to my skin.

Sigh. At least I found it!

Merry Christmas, yall!


  1. Wonderful picture!!! I could actually picture you all trying to get this picture exactly It turned out terrific. Piper is such a stinking cute dog! Hope you and Mark have a very Merry Christmas!!

    Loving the new look of your blog!!!!!!!!

  2. hehe. thanks. I took this picture on a whim earlier in the fall when we took Piper to a nature trail park. I would prefer one with all 3 of us in the header, but it's really hard to get a good picture using self timer! :\

  3. Aw, your picture turned out great! :) And the new blog layout looks so good!

    And I'm jealous of your Yankee Candle lip balm. I haven't had any in ages. :( *sigh*

    PS I have never in my life watched A Christmas Story.


  4. Brittney!!! Guess what? At the Yankee Candle store, they had this "Christmas Pack" of 4. And there was A NEW SCENT. My mom got it for me for Christmas. The new scent is Christmas Cookie. *SO* good. (except, yes. Yankee Candle made ANOTHER scene smell like vanilla.. they *ALL* smell like vanilla except for the strawberry one). Anyway, it had Christmas Cookie, Vanilla Lime, Strawberry, and Vanilla Cupcake in it. And it was only $10!!! What a steal!

    You've NEVER seen A Christmas Story!? Well, it's on TBS *all day* back to back on Christmas Day! It's an old movie, and it's a classic :) No one likes it but me, though..

  5. Your blog looks great! Don't worry your turkey will be great. Those cooking bags help alot. Have a good Christmas! Love mom

  6. I love the new layout and the picture. Adorable as always.

    And I HATE A Christmas Story. gross. My family boycotts every year. =)

    Your feast sounds amazing. Robert's bringing me potato soup from O'Charley's today; that's looking like my Christmas dinner. Good then.

    I hope you have a wonderful day, and a wonderful Christmas!

  7. OMG. I wish I had known about the variety pack, I would have totally gotten it the last time I was in BG. Christmas Cookie is my favorite scent from them. We always get them after Christmas when they go on sale and burn them all year long. (Actually, my ALL-TIME FAVORITE scent is the Christmas Cookie blended with Christmas Eve. But I have only seen it ONE time in my entire life and cannot find it online ever. Hmmph.)