Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday, y'all! MckMama didn't do a NMM this week, but you can still head to her blog to see her delicious turquoise and pink dessert treats!

I haven't done a Not Me Monday in quite a few weeks -- I didn't really have any good material. And, to be honest, I didn't plan on doing one today. That was until 4:45pm, Eastern time.

My sister, who is off this week for Christmas break, decided that she and the boys would Skype me so we could chat for a little while! I was ecstatic -- I love seeing my babies! Hudsie was chatting up a storm and telling me all the new words he knows! He can just about repeat any word you ask him to - with the exception of Clayton, so he calls him "Bubba."

And, yes, my nephews do live in Kentucky, in case you were asking ;]

So while my pot of spaghetti sauce was cooking on the stove, I had a blast with my nephews and sister. We were in our own little world, and Clayton was telling me all about his new alarm clock. It was not me who forgot all about supper. Certainly not. I definitely did not forget to go check on it at all in the 30 minutes that we Skyped. Nope!

Meanwhile, I definitely did not ask Mark to go "cook some noodles" while I was busy Skyping with my family. Nope, I was not totally oblivious to my sauce..

Eventually we said our goodbyes, gave lots of kisses and waves, and logged off. I definitely did not wander into the kitchen to check no my sauce, only to find my sauce burned to a crisp. My beautiful, tasty, home-cooked sauce was not as black as the pot in which it cooked. I did not say "Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no" over and over again, and Mark did not call into the kitchen, asking what was wrong. I did not say "Ohhh nothing!!" and try to save my sauce with 2 cans of water. Nope. I also did not do a little taste test, only to find that it still tasted like a parking lot.

Thankfully, that never actually happened. But if it had, our garbage can might look something like this:


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  2. I bet that your kitchen doesn't smell too great! Sorry that you lost your meal though. Love, mom

  3. That is sad but too funny!!! Sorry about your sauce. I have "not" ever done anything like that At least you were able to see and talk to your sister and adorable nephews via Skype!!!

  4. At least you cooked. That's more than I can say for myself. =) However, I did go to Fresh Market today with my mom and get some tasty treats. I'm "cooking" some fresh manicotti tomorrow. Should be yummy