Wednesday, December 23, 2009

help me out!

Help my sister name her (possible)* daughter. We have few names in the hat, but nothing's really sold us. Yet.

My nephews' names both in with -on, so a name like Addison would be dandy, but it isn't a requirement.

Their last name begins with a D, so nothing like Danielle or anything. We don't want a sing-songy name.

If you can come up with the name, I will personally send you a prize. And it will be good. Plus, my taste in naming can be a little old-fashioned and whacky.

So, what do you say? What do you think the perfect little girl name is!? Let's hear it!

*In the event that she's carrying my third nephew, the name has already been chosen!

Can you believe that Hudson is going to be a big brother?!

Cwissssmus Tweeee!! :)

Okayokay - back to the main idea -- names, anyone!? If you've never left a comment, now's your chance! Don't be afraid! I will love you forever if you are the lucky person to name my (possible) niece!


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  2. 2 names I recently like: Lottie and Hattie. She could be like Lottie Moon Jr!

  3. Well, my future daughter's name will be Madelyn Elizabeth. Middle name not required, but I think it's real cute together. Middle names are always optional, but some of the names I like:

    -Madelyn Elizabeth -obviously

    - Addison Olivia


    - I also like Madison (because I would call the little girl Maddy(ie)--just like with Madelyn)

    -Ava's a good one =)

    -Annalyn (Annie)

    Ok, so there's a trend. Don't judge me. And I'm just the opposite of your sister--I can't think of boy names to save my life. Maybe you should message me some of her ideas. NOT that I'll be having one for the next 5 years.

  4. five years!? That's a long time, Emmy! You never know! :) And, because you can't think of a boy name, you will most definitely be having a boy ;] That's how the cookie crumbles. ALWAYS.

  5. I thought of one! Lydia! In fact, I had forgotten that it was in the running for me when we were still hung on Delilah before we were even pregnant. (And WAY before we ever picked out our girl name that is still going to be THE ONE if we ever have a girl.) But Chris didn't like it. I still think it's cute. ;)

  6. Adrienne, Jaylynn, Hayden, Kaylinn, Shaylin...this is fun! Good Luck! God Bless! Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Lydia is Clayton's wife :[ She couldn't use that one... Clayton and Lydia are *very* into being married -- the whole class (including the teacher) knows that they are a couple. lol. But I do love that name!! Her dad was my high school math teacher, and my sister knows her mom, so we've all known each other for a long time! But that name is so sweet!

  8. Oh yeah, Brittney: When C was spending the night with me a couple weeks ago, he leaned over and said, "When me and Lydia grow up, I'm going to ask her to curl her hair JUST like yours!" LOL.

    but before that, he laid on his back, looked up at the ceiling, sighed, and said "Lydia.. oh Lydia.. I *really* like Lydia.." lol! so sweet!

  9. I know, that's why I need your sister's boy ideas. I've accepted I'll probably have boys. Ahwell. If that's the way the cookie crumbles...

    And yes, 5 year is plenty, miss. I'm not even married yet. And I'm not gonna be rushing anything as soon as that happens. However, you never know...

    I don't wanna think about it. =)

  10. Aw, darn. Well, those were the only two I had for ya. Sorry!

  11. For a girl Austyn, Ellyson, Shannon (ha)

  12. Emmerson = ) Isn't Emmerson Daniel a pretty name?

    *sorry I haven't been on here in FOREVER!! Christmas took over, butnow that it's passed, I hope to get back to my normal schedule of checking in and reading your blog every few days! Miss you Chickie!!