Tuesday, December 1, 2009

so it's official:

I'm flying home on December 9th and staying through the 16th. That's one full week at home!

And, sadly, Mark will not be accompanying me. He probably could have gotten off again, but we didn't want him to look bad by asking off work less than 10 days after he got home from his Thanksgiving vacation. So he's staying here with Piper. I imagine that they will spend their nights playing video games, eating macaroni and cheese, and taking naps.

(Plus, if you recall, we spent 7 months apart, so Mark knows how to function without his wife)

Meanwhile, I'll be running the duck pond game at Clayton's 5th birthday party, as well as meeting Emily for the first time and seeing Teeny again! So fun! That reminds me -- Christine & Emily: We need someone to run the cotton candy machine. It would be loads of fun. I promise. And it would only be for, like, 30 minutes. Or something. Waddaya say?! :)

I guess, now that I look at him again, he does kind of look like a 5-year old. Sigh.

Oh, and did I mention that this nearly-turned 5-year old boy can blend sounds now?

He sure has grown up from this video, taken when he was just 3 1/2 years old:

and this video, where he cited the Pledge of Allegience before he even turned 3 years old:

goshdarnit, I love that kid. I simply cannot wait to see him blow out his candles on his 5th birthday cake!

I'm pretty excited. I will already get to spend each day with Hudsie, since my mom keeps him, as some of you know. It will be great! I hope my trip includes more Kyoto, more of my nephews, and.. a whole lot of fun! Yay!


  1. Im in for the cotton candy machine! :) also, I can't see the videos on my phone, but I'll look soon. I just love that kid. He's precious.

  2. I'm also up for the cotton candy machine. And woah, can I have a moment for Christine leaving a COMMENT!? Great job, Christine. We're all proud. =)

    And Shan, surprisingly enough I've actually run a cotton candy machine before. Random, right? It might not be the same kind, but, random nonetheless. Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!! (meet you)

  3. oh yay!!! I know you two will be great! :) C will come up and talk to you. At least, I think he will. He took to Teeny pretty darn fast!!! The first time he met her, he was jumping into her arms at the pool like.. within 30 minutes. So I'm sure he'll be your little buddy too! :) It'll be great!

    and, I know.. Teeny leaving a comment.. we're all so proud. I just love her!

  4. Hahaha. Im slowly but surely catching up. You crazy girls. It helps that Shannie texted me about her blog. I just had to look!

  5. i'm glad you guys are so excited about my son's birthday - i also need someone for the bean bag toss or ring toss (=


  6. yay...what fun! You are such a good aunt to these two boys...soon to be three kiddos I've heard! Clayton is getting so big!

  7. well, sister, Christine just texted me and said that their friend, Alyssa, is coming too!! So, between the 3 of them, surely they can cover it!!! :) I hope. I'm SOO excited. Yay!!!

  8. it will be so weird having a nice.



    OR three boys. I do love my boys, so a 3rd would be wonderful!!!! little boys are SOO SWEET!! I wouldn't know what to do with a niece. except maybe buy her a zillion boys and dresses and hats. :)

  9. Alyssa is also coming?!?! I'm so excited. What a fun weekend!

    And Christine and/or Shannon--Christine said that you have ANOTHER blog. I can't find the link that Christine said was on here. Help.

  10. How does SHE know about it?! It only has 2 blog entries and I don't really use it.

    Idk how she'd even know!

  11. She said she saw a link to it. You should know we're creeper.

  12. Oh. Hahaha. Ok so here's how. I clicked on your name in my email notification that you had commented on my blog. Then I saw your profile, and under your blogs, I saw two, so I zoomed in and saw it! :) uhh, Im creepy. Hahaha.