Saturday, December 5, 2009

my new "obsession"

Lately, I have a thing for getting free "stuff" in the mail.

Yesterday, I found a free promo code online for a FREE nursing cover-up! And it was real! A $40 value, and I only had to pay shipping* .. what could be more fun than that?!

I've always had a thing for finding free samples online. It's a hobby of mine. Today, I signed up for the most random samples:

a silver spoon (?? what on earth..)
Special K
a cookbook
a Venus Embrace women's razor
Burts Bees face wash
Mr. Clean magic erasers
Rachel Ray's new dog food
a potty training kit
new Gerber toddler treats

and the list could continue forever. I just love getting free things in my mailbox!

If you want in on the fun, just Google "free promo codes" or "free samples" .. it's totally legit. Trust me. I can't tell you how many times (in the past) that random little boxes would appear in our mailbox at home.. and it was such a treat to rip it open to see which free sample I'd gotten!

*If you want in on the free nursing cover, click HERE. Just choose the cover you want, and type: onefree in the promotion code box! That's it! It really works -- friends of mine have already received theirs.

To check out Rachel Ray's new dog food, click HERE

Expensive, but FREE razors are always nice!

The potty training kit includes:
A free sample of Easy Ups Trainers High-value coupons Fun stickers & coloring pages Step-by-step potty training tips Potty Progress Chart Dora or Diego training trophy

Pretty nice for ABSOLUTELY FREE, right?!?!

I'm spending the afternoon looking for more freebies. If I find anything else worth sharing, I'll update you all! And, if YOU know any freebie sites, pass them along!

Happy hunting!


Free Caffeinated Soap
Free adorable child wall stickers!
FREE bag of Science Diet dog treats
FREE Huggies Pure & Natural diaper sample
Walmart's FREE Pamper's Extra Night Protection diaper samples
Walmart's FREE Tampax Pearl sample tampons
Free homemade soap
Free Victorinox Swiss Army men's cologne sample


it's the red Finley one!


  1. YOU'RE SO GREAT!!!!! You know I just did one for the razor and the potty training kit---even though Ava is nowhere near that, yet. =) You're wonderful. I'm pretty excited about all of these things.

  2. :D I know, aren't free things GREAT?.. I like to just see things visually, and I can always give them to my sister. And the potty training kit was just too cute to pass up! :) Check out the adorable child wall stickers (animals) that I put up. Ava would love those in a few years!! :) You can save them for her!

  3. How fun! Thanks!!! :)


  4. One time I googled free promos and stuff from Cosmopolitan's website came up.. I think they do random stuff every month.. Well anyways I got 2 bottles of nail polish and a tube of mascara. To me that was a steal! I know in my little sisters magazines that she gets like Seventeen I think it is.. Every month they have free offers in there. One month it was a free bag from Aeropostale. A free shirt from American Eagle.. Seriously they sometimes have sweet offers and they are great to check out!


    And now I'm going to check out the things you posted! So excited I LOVE freebies!

  5. I've seen those Cosmo & Seventeen offers! But I've NEVER gotten one. They always say that they're out of them! :[ Stinky.. but I will check it out! Freebies are amazing! Thanks, Stephy!

  6. Thanks so much! You just made my day! My sister is going to LOVE the cover up..and I loved getting it for a mere $8 shipping fee! (= Thanks again, Rebecca

  7. I can't wait to get my nursing cover! :D

  8. Hey, so that is what you do all day? I've always wondered that. :) Well I did the Snuggie and the razor! Your awesome. :) Thanks for all of that. My mom used to do that. SHe would get free Make-up. You just made me a new hobby, thanks Shannon. :) Now I have something to do while i wait for the time to pass. Thanks for everything!

  9. I'm with Mandy--you just gave me a new hobby. I've been looking up things all day. The Snuggie, the soap, the razor....I got some perfume, earplugs....(i use them, don't judge), some shampoo...I'm excited. Now, where can I get this COSMO stuff? I'm interested....

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