Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Christmas List

I know we are 56 days away from Christmas, which might seem like a while to some of you, but it's right around the corner! Plus, Christmas comes on December 10th for us this year!

So really I only have to wait 42 days. Lucky me!

In case you were wondering, Mark and I (well, hopefully Mark..) are going home early for Clayton's 5th birthday! He's having a big circus/carnival party, and I'm going to be in charge of the rubber ducky pond. Don't we all just love that game where you flip over a rubber ducky and claim your prize? There's, like, zero effort there -- so if you lack coordination, you can just play the duck game all day long and feel good about yourself.

At least that's how it was for me.

Mark really wants a bike. I think we look at bikes about.. ohhhh.. 8 times a week. We just stopped at two bike stores yesterday. He's dying for one.

As for me, I really really want this lens:

It's a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens. This lens basically makes bokeh (intentional blurring of backgrounds) a breeze. It produces sharp pictures with great light balance. It's only $95 on Amazon, and I have to have it.

I also really really want an iPhone 3Gs. Oddly enough, Mark and I came to each other at the exact same time and said we wanted an iPhone. Ha! My current phone is really great, but it resizes pictures into teeny little blurry things, and it's really annoying. I also can't send videos. There's no way to send videos on my Samsung Eternity. So I have all these adorable videos of C & H, and there's no way to share them.


Plus, those apps are just so darn cool. They're $199 right now. So, hopefully I can save up my Christmas money and buy one or both of these presents!

That's it! Short Christmas list, eh!?

Oh wait. Just one more thing. I'm thinking of having my blog redesigned by Once Upon A Blog. I've wanted it for a long time. And, quite frankly, I think my blog needs help. I've had the same layout for months on end, and it's bugging me. The same lady designs MckMama's blog, so you know she's good.

Ok. That is all. I'll post more later.


  1. I've always had such a hard time with Christmas lists. My birthday is in November, so by the time my birthday is over I don't know of anything for Christmas really. But those are great things =)

  2. I want to pay for a blog design too! They are so expensive, that I'm trying to talk Jason into learning how to do it himself and create one for me! :)

  3. :D

    My blog is OKAY right now, but I think it would just be TOO cute for her to cartoonize us for the header of my blog. It would just be great. I haven't even mentioned it to Mark yet, because I've forgotten about it until now. But now that I think about it, I reeeeealllly want it.

  4. :)

    I totally had a dream about MckMama last night that you were in. Remind me to email you about it later! :D

  5. ha.. I, too, dream about her about once a month. How funny.