Friday, October 16, 2009

cold news

Last week, I was sporting a tank top and khaki shorts. The air conditioner was on, and the windows were down. A walk with Piper left me a tad sweaty. I sat outside and flipped through coupons. It was the good life.

Today I am sitting in 3 shirts. My hands are ice cold. I'm wearing Mark's ugly military winter hat. Mark's thick (and, again, ugly) socks are on my feet. Socks that he won't wear because they're too thick and ugly. I'm keeping my tennis shoes on - because I fear that, if I take them off, my feet will freeze off and I'll be left with nubs.

It could happen.

It's wet outside. It's cloudy. It's dreary. It's blah. Winter is upon us. And I just realized that I have no scarves. Yesterday, I saw a rack of Snuggies at Target in all colors. The hot pink one caught my eye. I'm positive that you will soon be seeing a picture of me sporting a Snuggie this winter. So, you know, I stay warm and none of my limbs freeze off.

The high is 50 today. We are 10 weeks away from Christmas. 6 from Thanksgiving. 2 from Halloween.

Piper is having a meltdown, and I don't know why.


  1. Did you know they make Snuggies for dogs, now?! Hahaha. You should get a matching hot pink one for Piper!

    PS I don't know what the high today was, but I doubt it went above 45. Mmm, fall/winter!

  2. Shannon.. Btw found out where Mike and I are going to be moving next year and we're going to Maryland... So I'm trying to figure out how far it is from where you are and maybe we can meet up and have fun in like D.C. and stuff ahh that would be fabulous! But it wouldn't be until like end of March!

    btw.. I'm thinking about getting a Westie (if I can talk Mike into it that is) I found one today at the pet store and I fell in love with him! I'm going to send Mike the picture like asap!


  3. Maryland!? DRAT. I wanted you to be with meeeee! I swear, NO ONE ever gets stationed at Langley! Ugh :[ So unfair. But that would totally be fun to meet up in DC! You will be RIGHT there, won't you!?! Maybe by the time we meet up, you'll have a good "feel" for the area, so we won't be TOTALLY lost ;] Westies aer sooooo great! We love our little Piper like she's our first born. She is so snuggly, and she takes care of me and protects me. I TOTTTTALLY recommend getting one! You will NOT regret it. Westies barely have ANY health problems and are almost exempt from ear issues since their ears stand up. She is basically perfect :] Go get one!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah it's like in Odenton, Maryland or something is what Mike said! As soon as he said Maryland I was like who is going to be the closest and I was like OMGSH I have to ask Shannon ASAP! So HOPEFULLY me and you and the husbands can meet up and have fun! I hope I'm close enough to it I'm going to need fun stuff to do and explore haha! OMG I want one so badly they are ADORABLE! Mike wants a boxer.. He's had those kind growing up but I want us to try something different.. So hopefully I get my way! haha or figure out an amazing compromise! And I figured I could ask you if you would recommend one or not.. I have a german sheppard at my parents and he is just waaaay too big I want a little baby!