Saturday, October 3, 2009


This is going to be short and sweet, because we are about to leave to go shopping, but...

I am so excited. Why, you might ask!? Well, you should know.

But just in case you "forgot" ... my parents and big nephew are coming TOMORROW! We have many, many events planned. I'll give you the short itinerary:

Virginia Live Museum
Tour of base a la Mark

Williamsburg! For lots of history fun!!

VA Zoo
MacArthur Center
Buckroe Beach

... and clearly there will be lots more, but those are the big ones! We are very excited to go to Williamsburg. However, Mark will not be attending the events on Monday or Tuesday, as he starts his job on Monday! So it will just be me and the gang. C is so excited to see me. He told me he couldn't want to hug me and he kissed me over the phone. He promises that we are still bffs, so we cannot wait to be together.

and just in case you were wondering...

We're going to the pumpkin patch, Marshalls, Walmart, and Lowes. I will reveal what we're purchasing at Lowes at a later date, because I don't want to make you gag .. just yet.

Tonight I am making a pumpkin pie and tomorrow I'm making pecan pumpkin spice bread with pumpkin pecan butter! Fall is in the air. Our autumn lights are up on our banister and our orange and black candles are on display! We are very excited!!!

We got Piper her Halloween costume last night! She was going to be a banana! It was SO cute. Her body would have been a peel, and her head was the tip of the banana! We followed the recommendations on the package and got the size (extra small) according to her weight. Well, we got home, and it wouldn't fasten around her belly.


Grr. Apparently, Paige also bought the same costume, and it wouldn't fit Fenway either. Ugh. But there is a Minnie Mouse costume at Petsmart that we've had our eye on... :]

In relating news, C&H have their costumes ready! Their costumes coordinate with one another. To give a little hint, Hudson is C's "little helper" of sorts.... any guesses as to what they'll be!? Trust me, if you get this right, I *will* send you a prize! It's nothing scary or bad - just cute and fun! Start your guessing!!


  1. Can I guess what you're getting from Lowe's? Because I'm positive I know what it is!

    Annnnd, are they going to be...a doctor and a nurse?! I have noo idea. I'm terrible at things like this.

  2. little helper? I'm guessing a dog because little helper is the name of the simpsons dog "Santa's Little Helper" but idk

  3. I'm guessing C is either Bob the Builder or Handy Manny? I don't know any other characters on those shows but maybe H is one of those???

  4. nope, no one's correct yet!! My sister would NEVER let them go as tv characters!!!! They are real life things, so Brittney is the closest!! :] I saw the actual costumes right before I left, and they are INSANELY cute!! Of course, they don't actually trick or treat (and probably never will... ) but they go to church and do the Trunk or Treat and play games :] love it!!

  5. oh oh oh!!! is it a sheriff and deputy? that would be PRECIOUS. :)!!!

  6. hahaha!! that DOES sound cute, Christine!! You're more on the right track!!! :] I can't wait to reveal it! My sister probably won't let me until actual Halloween but stillll...

  7. Are they gonna be dressed up in Air Force gear?