Monday, October 19, 2009

I could eat her with a chip: A poem

I Could Eat Her With a Chip

Once upon a fuzzy time
there was a little dog named Piper
she was so fun - but she peed so much
you'd think she needed a diaper

Her favorite thing is mom & dad
and lazy, frequent naps
and when she is let off her leash
she likes to run fast laps

When she was born, she was teeny
at 2 pounds, she knew no tricks
but now she has tripled her size
and weighs in at exactly six

Her first best friend was Lily
a little Weim, so blue
but then Piper moved far away
and bid her friend adieu

we got our puppy back today
she's been gone three days, you see
and when she saw me this afternoon
she ran so fast to me

we took her to a park
a field trip of sorts, for hours
but when we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised --
we saw a land full of tall flowers

Now she's asleep on the couch
tuckered out from our trip
I love her so much, I could eat her up
like guacamole with a tortilla chip

clearly going through awkward teenage years

clearly channeling his inner model

clearly a wannabe A&F model





  1. Ha! You're such a cute little family! (And yay! Lily got a shout-out!) :D

  2. I love your sweet little dog, your amazing picture-taking skills, and your adorable family. Precious, precious, precious.

  3. could you be any cuter?? I think not! ; )

  4. i love you. i love piper. i love your family. you guys are precious. i love your poems.