Sunday, October 25, 2009

get caught up!

On Friday, we ate at a hibachi Japanese restaurant. It was delicious, but Mark ended up eating 2/3 of my food. By nightfall, I was nauseous - and the nausea lasted until Saturday night. Let's just say that I probably lost a lot of weight, and I had severe abdominal pain all day Saturday. One word: Gastroenteritis. I ate the salad with our meal, and Mark did not. What a bummer. Leave it to lettuce to nearly be the death of me.

On Saturday, we went to another theater and saw Couples Retreat. It was amazing, hilarious, and I held Mark's hand the entire time. Well, apart from us snacking on nachos, BBQ, fries, wings, and another order of fries. Two guesses as to who ordered that much food. I highly recommend it - the movie and the food.

But earlier on Saturday, we took another adventurous trip and headed to Richmond. Mainly, we wanted to go to USA Baby, an amazing baby store. It was chuck full of furniture, bedding, strollers, and accessories. We test drove strollers and had a blast. We decided that we want a Peg Perego -- the most lightweight, awesome stroller that I have ever laid hands on. We almost bought it, and its chocolate brown and bright orange exterior was almost too much to pass up. Plus, it was over $275 off the retail price. Alas, we didn't buy it, and we already regret it. And, yes, it was my husband who sat in the mock car seat (supposedly for the testing of buckling in car seats for expecting mothers), and he was totally buckled in the seat as I pictured our little baby in it.. safely nestled in the 5-point harness with the side impact head protection. It was a dream.

And after that, we toured the Edgar Allan Poe museum, because I think he's neat. I have one word for the museum: Lame-o. The museum didn't tell anything about him or his life, other than his mother and wifey dying. Apart from a few artifacts from his family members and his personal work chair, the rest of the museum was dead. The coolest part had to have been the newspapers from the 1800s in mint condition, which really had nothing to do with Poe. I almost bought an Edgar Allan Poe doll, with an attached raven, to sit around our house. But I thought that might be weird. And now that I rethink it, I definitely believe that would have been weird.

Mark has to get up at 430am -- he's volunteering to serve breakfast burritos. Ew. Ew @ waking up at 430 and double ew @ the thought of a breakfast burrito. Double yuck.

I'll be posting pictures of the Poe museum later, but don't get excited. Please. Don't.

Isn't this Eric Carle lion just to die for!? We thought so too, which is why we bought it at the MacArthur Center this afternoon. There was also an amazingly cute hungry caterpillar and and an angry lady bug. Too cute, Mr. Carle. Too cute.


  1. Okay, you *have* to take us to USA Baby! Seriously! It sounds amazing!

    And boo that the Poe museum was stinky. Don't take us there, please. (Ha.)

    And YES the lion is ADORABLE! LOVE it! I totally want the hungry caterpillar!

  2. :D

    Most of the store was furniture (cribs, changing tables, etc), and I didn't really like their bedding. But... they had some neato stuff that I've never seen anywhere else. I am REALLY going to try to find another store that sells Peg Perego strollers. I know they exist.. I just have to find it. It's like way more fun to see things in person than online! My favorite store is STILL The Cuddly Hippo.. they have the cutest little newborn gowns. And they sell the baby tubs and the footstools... and that's where we got the Eric Carle lion! The lady kept trying to sell me newborn gifts.. like "Look at this newborn baby boy set!! It comes with a hat, a onesie, a blanket.. " I wanted to be like, "WELL, I don't ACTUALLY know anyone who's about to have a baby... we're just shopping extremely early for our FUTURE baby.. because I'm weird"


  3. HAHAHA! So funny! :D I bet they don't get early bird shoppers too often. ;)

  4. AHHHHHHH. I juuuuuust found another baby store. We'll be going here Saturday:

    OMG. Look at those strollers. I've *got* to see them in real life!! And, good news: it's in Norfolk!!! Really close! This is so awesome!

  5. i want to hug that little lion. huuuuug it!