Thursday, October 29, 2009


Happy 1st Birthday, Stellan McKinney!

A year ago today, you looked like this:

Last week, you looked like this:

Yesterday, you looked like this:

In case you haven't heard/read, Stellan's back in the hospital with SVT. It's the worst case they've seen with him, and he isn't doing well at all. Take some time out of your day and pray for little Stellan. He has a big party planned with his big sis, Small Fry (she turned 2 last week!), and now he has to spend his first birthday in a hospital.

Food Consumed:

6 inch buffalo chicken sub: 7pts
1/2 bag of baked Lays: 1.5pts
Dr Pepper: 3pts


  1. I thought they already had the party? Oh...well, probably not, because I'm sure she would have blogged about it. Duh, Brittney. :)

    Also, I am not in-tune with weight watchers. I know you count points, but is it by calories? And is there a certain amount of points you are supposed to stick to in a day? Just wondering! I am clueless!

  2. I can't remember the site where she showed the invites, and I'm so lazy that I don't wanna find it ;) BUT I thinnnk it was on the 30th. Probably a Friday night (tomorrow).

    Weight watchers is a combo of calories + fat grams + fiber.

    For some reason, I can't paste a link in this comment box. But if you Google, "weight watchers calculator" it will come up with a little thing where you just enter calories, fat grams, and the fiber.. and it'll tell you how many points it's worth!

    There is a formula for how many points you are "allowed" in a given day -- you can also google "weight watchers points allowance formula" or something along those lines.. you get different points based on age, gender, current weight, level of activity you usually do each day, if you're pregnant/breastfeeding.. etc.. and it comes out with points. I get 20 right now. And to judge, a turkey sub with no cheese on wheat bread from Subway is 5 points. So that would leaev me with 15 points left in the day.

    It isn't a "diet" at all. It just makes you more aware of what you eat, so that you will make better choices. You CAN choose to eat a big slice of cake. But if that leaves you with only 3 points left for the WHOLE day.. well, then you're in trouble. (You also get 20 flex points per week, but I won't get into all that!). It's also a lifestyle change, which is how I've learned to keep my weight off for over a year. Until Mark came back, anyway ;)

    Now THAT is called the Flex Plan. There is also a Core Plan, which is where there is a list of lean meats, fruits, and veggies that you can eat.. and you can eat as much of them as you want. But no white breads and stuff like that. Only what's on the list. I've never tried the Core plan, and it's more of a "diet" than the Flex plan.. but I know the Core plan also works.

    Anyway, I totally support Weight Watchers.. it totally works!!!!! :) :)

  3. Wow...that seems like a lot to do/keep track of! It probably gets easier over time, though, like most things. :) How do you calculate how much fiber is in what you eat? you ask (if you eat out) or just guesstimate or do you have to sit down and look at the boxes your food comes in and calculate your serving and then add it all up? Wow! I bet it *does* make you more aware. I don't really know what's in what I eat, but I'm sure I should. I mean...the *only* thing I check for is anything hydrolyzed, hydrogenized, etc. to make sure it doesn't have trans fat. And I try to stay away from high fructose orn syrup. But that's about as far as my knowledge goes. Kudos to you!

    And I totally support WW, too, because of you! I've seen it work in your neat! :D

  4. Well, if you buy any product on the market, it will tell you the fiber. For produce & veggies, that's all on the internet. And for restaurants, you can go to and it has a *TONNN* of restaurants with the number of points on their restaurant menus. It's unbelievable how fattening some food is from restaurants.. and how you THINK you're making a smart food choice, but you're really making the worst ones! It really does get super easy :] You also kinda learn to "pre-plan" your meals. Like instead of deciding "I'm going to McDonalds" on a whim, you preplan to go to Subway and plan what you're going to order. It seriously works, because it makes you aware of the little snacks that you snack on all day and how much they add up!! :) :) I'm about to add up my points and see if I went over or stayed where I should! :\