Friday, October 16, 2009

more on Piper

So, apparently my dog thinks she's my mama.

And not in an I-run-the-show-here-and-you'll-do-what-I-say type of deal, but more of a you're-my-baby-and-I'll-take-care-of-you thingy mabobber.

The moment my eyes open each morning, I see Piper. Right next to me. And I do mean right next to me -- her little beady eyes peering into mine. I quickly close them, and she gives me a lick on the face. I pet her little tummy, bring her closer to my body. And she starts.

She grooms me. Like I am her newborn pup. Licking every inch of my arm. Nuzzling me like I'm a babe. I just lay there and take it.

My, my, she is growing up fast. Very quickly, she is transforming into a little lady. She snuggles me daily while Mark is at work, and we have Together Time :)

She's even into driving cars now - what will she do next?!

Tonight we're taking her to be boarded - and she will spend her first night away from us. We're going on a big trip, and she can't stay at home for 12 hours by herself. So, no blogging tomorrow, but I'll surely have lots to share on Sunday!

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  1. your baby is growing up so much. :) She is so cute!