Saturday, October 3, 2009

a pumpkiny post!

Today we went to pick our pumpkins! Granted, we still have nearly a month until Halloween, so our pumpkins will probably rot... but it was still great!

Today we missed Jackson's Orchard and resorted to picking our pumpkin in front of a Presbyterian church! It really wasn't the same as riding on the big wagons to the pumpkin patch, drinking apple slushes, taking pictures in front of the beautiful scenery, and eating caramel apples. But, you know, things change when you move to a weird state. Ahem.

I bet you Kentuckians think picking our pumpkin at a church is kind of odd. And it's because this beautiful sea of pumpkins were grown by Navajo Indians! No joke! Authentic Indians from Mexico! They ship them to Newport News and the church sells them to earn money for their youth program. They and the Indians split the money 70:30, so it's a great cause!

And even though we missed riding up that gigantic hill to Jackson's Orchard, and even though it would have been fun to see how our Jeep would have handled that, these pumpkins were the most beautiful pumpkins I have EVER seen. Each one of them was spotless, beautiful, perfectly round and orange. There was no "looking for a good one," but rather we just looked for the size and shape we wanted.

Lately, we have also been on a mad search for fall decorations. We can't find any. I've looked everywhere I could think of! So I decided to just get a small pumpkin as the centerpiece for our dining room table. Seriously. It is really hard to find a decoration. We don't want anything black, with skulls, with witches, with broomsticks, cats, or anything bloody. We just want some fall autumn-looking thing to sit around. So far, Yankee Candle has proved to be amazing, and no one else can live up. In case you're wondering, they have adorable harvest decorations in which to place your votive or tealight candles. I am a huge fan, and I still love their lip balm.

Oh, so here's my pumpkin:

And here's the family pumpkin! We will eventually carve it, but not just yet! We are VERY into carving pumpkins! Okay okay, stop jerkin my chain - I'll post some pictures of previous pumpking carving experiences, just because you're begging me!

Our first time carving together! C helped at 22 moths!

me busy at work as C sneaks a drink ;]
yes, he was adorable even then!

Our pumpkin house!! My favorite carving ever!

Carving 2008: I attempted a crow's cage
it was a Martha Stewart design, and it was too hard.
I never even made it to carving the crow!


  1. i love the pumpkin house the best. by far the best. :) i LOVE fall!!!!! :)

  2. Hehe, Christine is so fun! :]

    And so are all your cute pumpkins! I haven't carved a pumpkin in 3 years, but I enjoy baking the seeds and eating them warm out of the oven. Yum, yum!