Saturday, October 31, 2009

for my family's viewing pleasure:

Since we moved here, we've gone on a trip every single Saturday. Today was no exception, and we headed to Richmond. Again. For the second weekend in a row. Which reminds me -- I never posted the pictures from the Poe museum. I'll get right on that. Maybe.

Our first stop was Toys That Teach -- the cutest little toy store ever. I swear, there wasn't one ball of any kind in that store. Nope. And nothing really name-brand, like Transformers or Spiderman. Instead, the walls were lined with learning toys that were so delicious. Words can't even describe. I had my eye on a play kitchen that was cuter than you could even imagine.

But we weren't here for me. Well, maybe just a tad -- but I was in search of Christmas presents for my two nephews! It's really hard to shop for Hudson, just so you know.

Since I'm pretty sure that Clayton & Hudson don't read my blog, I'm going to show you what we got them. Mainly for my sister & parents, since it's really hard to describe a gift over the phone.

(Mom, Dad & Sis: These two sets are for C -- there was a ginormous pyramid that was SO TOTALLY COOL, but a ton of money. But still, this little hut of a thing is pretty big! It comes with some kind of dvd that teaches kids about the Egyptians. The second set (in the second picture) is just extra men and a horse. Playmobil was SO cool.. Holy guacamole, they have the coolest toys!)

(Mom, Dad & Sis: This is for Hudsie. I know he likes balls, but like I said.. they didn't sell balls here. The drill vibrates or something. Since he only has 4 teeth, maybe he'll suck on them for teething. Maybe. It says on the box 2+ years, so hopefully he will like it! :))

Oh, uh, we also bought this:

And, um, this:

Only, the blanket part is white, not red. It is so soft and so colorful. Delish, really. Here's a better view of the fabric side (which, is ALSO soft):

Then we ate at Chipotle.. yummo. It's definitely become one of our favorite restaurants. If you've been to Moe's, think: Moe's. Only, way better and way yummier. Or more yummy. Ok, just seriously yummy.

We are being pretty blah tonight and have absolutely no candy for trick-or-treaters. Oops. Normally, we would have participated. But candy is like really expensive this year, and I hate to buy candy just to.. give it away.. Once we have kids old enough to participate in Halloween, I'll be more apt to contribute back. Ha.

Which reminds me -- has anyone seen Jolly Ranchers lately? I've not seen them in.. well, years. I don't remember my trick-or-treating years too much, but I specifically remember one house. Yes, I remember exactly where it was in my old neighborhood (coincidentally, the same neighborhood in which Christine lives now. We were neighbors as kids!). I rang the doorbell, and they had a big bowl of Jolly Ranchers. And they let me pick which two I wanted. Naturally, I opted for the sour apple and watermelon. Because they're just the best, hands down! Chocolate isn't my favorite, but I really loved (and still do) Jolly Ranchers. And.. I haven't seen them lately.

Before I forget everything, I'd just like to say that Weebsworld is totally awesome. It's in Richmond, and it's fabulous. It's pretty small, but it has strollers literally hanging from the ceiling. It has all the cool brands. They even have a stroller path made of different materials (grass, concrete, gravel, a pot-hole road, etc.) that you can test drive strollers on. Ha, we didn't do this, since we aren't shopping for a stroller, but it looked very cool. They also had Svan high chair and the Stokke crib. If you don't know what those are, then don't worry. L, you know the green frog that you stick to your tub to store bath toys? They have it. They also have adorable utensils for feeding, and I loved them all! Too bad -- the next sale at Weebsworld isn't until July 17th. Sigh.

And now Mark and I are going to plan where we're going to hide out tonight to avoid trick-or-treaters. I'm feeling up for Barnes and Noble. That's always loads of fun!

Oh -- is anyone else re-reading New Moon in preparation for the movie!? Holy guacamole @ the new trailer. I just can't get enough.


  1. Every time you talk about Moe's, I start craving tofu soft tacos. Mmmmm. We'll be in BG tomorrow. I'll probably talk Chris into letting me go there for lunch!

    Oh, and if you don't want to go out to avoid tot's, just turn off all the lights inside and outside and cuddle up to a movie in your room. :)

  2. very cool. c has nothing like that - he will love it and h will totally eat those tools (=