Tuesday, October 20, 2009

more about the kid who grew up really fast

When I left Kentucky, my babe looked like this:

He was 13 months old. Sporting only two bottom teeth, he was my little baby. He grunted like a dinosaur and was proud of his new-found ability to walk. Keeping up with his big brother was his main priority. His only word was, "dat" as he pointed at something he wanted. Big Brother took care of him, making sure that he didn't play with any toys too small - just in case Hudsie decided to swallow one. His hair was thin and light brown, and his knack for crossing his chubby little feet was the cutest thing ever. He weighed a ton, but he was my baby.

Two months later, my Hudsie looks like this:

He looks like a toddler. Hair is now covering his little head, and teeth are sprouting up like it's going out of style. Now saying a few words, such as book, my favorite new vocabulary word of his is "Shh" -- which, cutely enough, means Shannie. When he sees my picture, he says, "Shhhh!" And I love him for it.

Oh, Hudsie, I wish I could bottle you up and keep you 14 months forever. I love you so much. I could almost eat you with a chip. Or eat you with a spoon. Or just plain eat you. You're a doll baby, and you're the cutest kid I know.

Hugs and kisses from your favorite aunt, Shh.


  1. Wow! They sure do grow up fast. (ok wow I never thought I would say that. Im getting old.) anyways, I think hudsie is a doll!! :) but everyone knows that. He sure is cute. Also, cute name, Shh. :)!

  2. Above his pack & play is my wedding portrait (as if I'm always looking down on him. SIGH!) and when my mom points to it, he says "SHHH!!!!!!!"


  3. precious precious precious. It's good to know you don't grow out of the "AWWW, I'm an AUNT" stage. But isn't it so fun?! Especially when you have the cutest little nieces/nephews =)