Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yesterday we ventured to the Virginia Zoo! There, we saw lots of animals, looked at giraffes up close, and walked ourselves to death! Sadly, there were no polar bears - my favorite animal! C was a little eager beaver to see the elephants and giraffes. We had lots of fun! Here's a glimpse - more are on Facebook:

Today everyone goes home. I'm very sad about that! We aren't 100% sure about Mark, but I know that I'm coming home for "Christmas" for Clayton's 5th birthday. So we will see each other in about two months :] Mark has Monday off for Columbus Day (thank you, military!), so who knows what we'll do on that day!

Exciting things are coming our way: Next weekend, we're traveling to Washington DC for a trip with the AF! I also really want to go to Jamestown, so we might go there on Monday! You'll have to wait and see! :]


  1. Beautiful pictures! Dont forget about Tyson's Corner shopping when you are in DC:>

  2. I love that first one of C on the rhino! And I also adore the one of you two by the water fountain. :]

  3. blast. Brittney beat me. I, again, was going to say exactly what she did. hmph.