Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's time for Not Me Monday, yall! Embarrassed about your child peeing on the seat at a restaurant? Ashamed of leaving a pile of dirty dishes in the sink for a solid week? Scootch over to MckMama's blog to read what she has not been doing this week!

It was definitely not me who woke up a few nights ago to a huge plunk. I did not shoot up like a pop tart, look at Mark, and expect him to do something. We did not realize that the loud noise came from our puppy falling off the bed. Nope, our sweet 4-month old baby girl did not fall off our very high bed onto our hardwood floor. That would be very sad. Plus, we would never let our dog sleep in our bed all night. She has her own little bed, so she definitely always uses it. And even if our dog did fall off our bed, it wouldn't be me that fell right back asleep and assumed that if she were hurt, she would have made a noise. Which she didn't.

Yesterday I got a mad feeling within my bones to clean the floors of this grimy, gross house. I certainly did not make Mark trace behind me just in case I saw a bug and needed his assistance. I am woman. Hear me roar. I certainly am not afraid of a stupid little bug. Nope, not me!

As you may (or may not) know, October is giveaway month on MckMama's blog. This is not driving me absolutely bonkers, and I am not dedicating my entire life to winning a prize of her's. That would be crazy. What would be even crazier would be making my husband sit with the laptop have him refresh Facebook every second so I could win a prize while I made a dessert in the kitchen. I would never make my husband participate in a MckMama contest. And, even if I did, I would not feel like crying once I found out that I didn't win and I actually wasted two hours of my life. Thankfully, none of that actually happened.

What have you not been doing this week!? Go ahead and blog about it!

*Note: He is actually really into the contests too and volunteered to do this. I'm not a psycho wife, I swear. He is dying to win a prize and thinks MckMama is very cool!


  1. i love your note at the very end. hahaha.

  2. Poor little Piper! But I'm sure she was fine.
    J and I took Baby to Petco one day and thought it was cute to stick her in a cart. Apparently, the cold hard floor suited her buetter because she leaped out of the cart and fell about 3-4 feet onto her head.
    She was okay, but I told her that I hope she learned a thing or two.

  3. OMG! I AM DYING TO WIN TODAY'S PRIZE!!!!! I am determined that *both* of us will win *something* this month!

    And poor poor Piper. You're right, though, if she had been hurt she would have yelped. It's better you went right back to sleep instead of freaking out a babying her because then she would have gotten the chance of being scared of the bed or jumping off the bed in the future. You know, when she gets big enough to do that. ;]