Friday, October 16, 2009

just some sad, but thrilling, news.

So our trip to Washington D.C. has been canceled.

But not really.

(And on that note - is it canceled or cancelled!? I thought it had 2 ls, but apparently Facebook and Blogger say it's two. Plus, it just looks wrong with only 1 l. Grammar nerds, please help!)

Anyway, our trip has been "cancelled" because not enough people signed up. What a freakin bummer. But that doesn't stop us! We're venturing to our Nation's capital all on our own!

At the top of our list is the Holocaust Museum. Second of all, the Natural History museum, followed by Air & Space, and then Tyson's Corner mall. On a stinky note, it's showing a 90% chance of rain tomorrow - again, what a bummer. It seems as if this trip is just destined not to happen. But we won't let a little rain stand in our way from pure fun! Piper's going to daycare in the morning, and we'll be off at 7am. We are 3 hours south of DC, so we'll have a long drive ahead of us!

But tonight we bought Juno and Kindergarten Cop (for $6!), so I'm prepared. Plus, I have a lot of reading material - thanks to the amazing base library.

If the rain pours down incessantly, we'll just settle on going to the 11th largest mall in America. (What a bummer, I know *wink*). And, if things really seem to suck, we'll stop at Ikea on the way home - since that always proves to be a fun trip!

See you all on Sunday! As usual, I promise to bring a wealth of pictures back "home" to my blog. You won't be disappointed. Well, you might. Because I don't think you want a zillion pictures of us shopping. But.. you might. Who knows? Some of you are pretty whack.

... and I say that with love.


Is there anything better? I think not.


  1. bwhahah NOOOOOOO not YOUUUUUU, my lovely Brittney!!!!!!!!! :] you're my favorite! (shh, don't tell the others)

  2. Oh my goodness...I cant wait to hear what you think of Tyson's Corner...I bet you will make several trips to DC just to shop...I was there today too...unusually crowded due to the rain!

  3. Shannon. I can READ what you said to Brittney. hmph.

  4. um, JUST IGNORE THAT. You're my favorite TOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you equal!! You're MY Teeny! :D