Thursday, October 8, 2009

it means...

Having C at my house means...

-hearing Why?! a thousand times a day

-being asked, "Do you want to color?!" a million times a day

-having a friend to take Piper potty with me!

-participating in Knock Knock jokes all day long

-working on reading at every opportunity

-watching Dora the Explorer and getting Backpack, Backpack stuck in my head

-making snacks for him so he won't be hungry

-giving him Frankenstein peanut M&Ms, cookies, and any other junk food he finds

-I get to listen to him give me advice on how to raise Piper. "Okay. I'm going to play with my animals on the floor -- Piper is going to need to go to her crate now, okay?! She cannot be on the floor."

-convincing him that he really does need a nap

-taking care of his fingernails and toenails, because he has a thing about his nails.

-I get to listen to his sweet little prayers at night

-laughing really hard at the word "toot"

-an endless supply of kisses and hugs - and not wimpy hugs, but bear hugs

-I get to hear the name "Imir" a zillion times :))

-"Shannie" is said for the first time in my house

-I get to hear, "Shannie, I love you." and it never gets old :)

I miss you already, Clayton!!!


In honor of C, we came up with our own joke this weekend. I just have to share so you will be able to pass this joke along .. it is that funny!

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Poop who?

*Poop who actually sounds like you're saying poo poo.

Now please wipe the tears from your eyes from laughing so hard. Hilarious, right?! Now run along and tell someone that joke and see if you don't get a laugh from hearing an adult say poo poo :D

Only two months until we're reunited again!!!!! I'm counting down the days, TRUST ME!


  1. That is so funny!! Emily read your blog this morning, and she came running into the living room to share "Miss Shannon's hilarious knock knock joke that she made up- she is SO smart" and then she proceeded to tell it... Very cute my friend!! : ) It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all, can't wait to read about what comes next in your life!

  2. LOL! Thanks, Becky!!!!!! and thanks, Em!!! We didn't MEAN to make it up.. we were just doing gross knock knock jokes using words like: booger, toot, butt.. you know.. BOY things :] I can't wait to find out what comes up next in our lives either! yay!

  3. LOL! Cute joke! Your nephew is funny!