Monday, October 19, 2009

NMM: Pet Edition!

Happy Monday, dear bloggy readers! Today is a special Monday for many reasons - and today on Fort Cox, we're having a special edition of Not Me Monday! Pet Edition! Ashamed that your dog ate your remote? Embarrassed that your dog chewed a hole in your carpet? Are you coming to terms with the fact that your dog actually runs your household? Well, you aren't alone. MckMama has created this super dee duper fun blog carnival where you can spill the beans and not feel bad about it! Join in on the fun - and stop by her blog to see what she has not been doing this week!

For the past few weeks, we've allowed our pup to sleep with us at night. She is a great co-sleeper, always finding a cozy spot between Mark and myself near the middle of the bed. She rarely makes a peep, and we just love it. So it was not our dog who woke up on Wednesday morning at 3am and nudged Mark awake. After placing her back where she belonged, it was definitely not Piper who walked up onto Mark's shoulder and peed on him. Um, our dog is a lady. She's perfect, and she has never peed on us. So she would definitely never do anything like that. Ever*

We don't have a fenced in backyard, so we always take Piper out on a leash to go potty. She doesn't mind it at all! But on Thursday, Piper came to sit with me on our couch. I did not suddenly smell something so atrocious that I could have gagged. I did not call Mark in to sniff her out and confirm my findings. We did not conclude that Piper did not smell like maggots. Nope. Our dog was not caught smelling like a dead animal. She's as cute as a button, and she's our little princess. She would never get into something outside that disgusting. And, after giving her a bath, Mark did not have to wash his t-shirt because she practically ruined it with the smell Then we did not have to spray our entire house with Yankee Candle spray. That would really be bad.

Like i previously mentioned, Piper doesn't mind her leash at all. But Friday was frigid, and I wasn't in the mood for lolly-gagging outside. When I tugged on her to come in, her collar (and leash) slipped off her tiny little neck. It was not in that silent few seconds that we both looked at each other - knowing what was about to happen - and my dog did not bust off running in the opposite direction. She did not race through the neighbor's yard, into their carport, and around their house. I was not caught running around like a crazy lady trying to catch my dog like I had no control of her. She did not resemble a bunny on Speed. She's always well behaved. She would never run away from me, and she always obeys my every command. So that would never happen. Thank God.

We pick our sweet girl up this afternoon, and we couldn't be more thrilled! We miss her tons!

*Seriously - Piper has NEVER peed on our couch/bed/us. She NEVER wakes up to go potty. This is SO unlike her. He ended up taking her potty at 3am, and she pooped. She must have had an upset belly. She is a great sleeping partner, and we would never boot her out of our bed - even though she peed on Mark. I know - it seems like we have no control. But seriously, we do. She just had an upset belly and got confused and couldn't hold it. We still love her. Even if she is kind of gross.


  1. hahaha. i love the very last part. "even if she is kind of gross" love you.

  2. This was one of the best mm posts EVER. Pi is ridiculously funny!

  3. haha!! When we FIRST took our dog to daycare, the vet said that Piper peed on her! And we were, like, in shock. Piper has never peed on *anyone* before. Even when she was a teeny puppy!! My guess is that the vet held her and wouldn't let her down, and Piper couldn't hold it :\ mwhahahaha. funny.

  4. Hi!

    First time visitor from MckMama's NMM! I liked your posts today -- very interesting twist! I'll have to try that with my dogs!

    Also - I'm a military wife of 14 years and just wanted to send you some support! I was separated from my husband too during the first year of our marriage - and in our 14 years of marriage, he's only been home for 5! But it is an experience that neither of you will ever forget!

    ~ Jennifer

  5. I can so visualize you chasing the dog all over the place. I laughed out loud. Thanks!

  6. welcome to parenthood!!! lol

  7. i am NOT so behind on dishes that i'm eating my meal with chopsticks i brought home a few months ago.