Thursday, October 22, 2009

top 10!

Ten Things On My Mind:

1. M comes home in 30 minutes! Better get spiffied up for my man!

2. We're going to the library when he gets home. I've got things that need to be returned and I'll be rechecking some books. I am such a book worm.

3. Piper has lost 3 teeth. She has two that are super wiggly. I secretly want to pull her teeth, but I'm not exactly a doggy dentist. And that would be weird.

4. Today I applied for grad school. It was expensive, and it's about to get even more expensive.

5. I wrote a little essay today. It's very weird to write an essay after being out of college for 5 months. Very weird. But I love to write, so it's all good.

6. I just got a little pedicure from my dog. Since she's teething, she's been licking my toes and feet. It feels pretty good, I'll admit. And I can't believe I just admitted that on my blog. (But, hey, this is my blog. See? Fort Cox. Yep, that's my last name!)

7. I found something I want for Christmas: a Canon EF 50mm lens. It sells for $97 on Amazon, and it's what MckMama uses. It makes great blurry backgrounds, and I must have it. Oh, I also decided that I want an iPhone and that's basically it! I don't ask for much, do I!?

8. I am majorly craving Kyoto and Puertos. A nice combo of hibachi steak with a chimichanga would really make my night. You don't even wanna know how pathetic the Japanese and Mexican restaurants are in these parts!

9. We're trying to decide where to go this weekend. I'm thinking Richmond, for a variety of reasons -- one of which is the Edgar Allan Poe museum. Holy smokes! Sounds like a good time to me!

10. My toothless little puppy really tries her darndest to protect me. It's adorable. I love her for it.


  1. 1. I *really* need to take tips for you and be more of a book worm. I love to read, I just don't ever do it. :/

    2. Chris and I joked about pulling Lily's teeth last night! Her's are super wiggly, too, just waiting to be pulled by a loving pet owner who is sick of the sharpness of puppy teeth sinking into their skin. Or...something like that.

    3. Puertos sounds sooo yummy right now. Mmmm, Mexican food.

    4. GO TO THE POE MUSEUM!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! I bet you didn't know he's my favorite, didja?!

  2. Fenway is losing teeth too. I keep finding them randomly in the floor. Ew. LOL
    I mentioned your childbirth post in my most recent post. I hope you don't mind. If you do, I'll be happy to take it down.

  3. No problemo, Paigey!!!! :D

    and teeth on the floor? EW! Piper's teeth are the size of .. well, TEENY TINY! I'd *never* find a tooth lying around.. well, her back teeth are big.. but for now, it's the front lil ones :] and she looks like a grandma!

  4. Like a grandma! I heard that....Love mom

  5. HA!!! Well, thankfully YOU have all your teeth, mom!


    Anyway, Brittney, no.. I didn't know EAP was your fav! He is SOOO CREEPY!!! In one of my English classes, we read some uncommon stuff of his.. and .. EW!!!!! Dead people stuffed in walls, cats dismembered.. oh, and my favorite is the one where the guy buries that old man under the floor. And he can hear the heart beat.. THUMP THUMP, THUMP THUMP! :O *Majorly* creepy. I don't even remember what that short story was called. But, anyway, he was way cool.. I would looove the museum!

  6. Can I just say (even though you basically hate your stinky state) that I'm totally jealous of all the cool things you're around up there!

    What should I do this weekend? Go to a cool city? Ok!

    Yeah, hmm...what should I do this weekend? Go to Space Camp---cool. A Wal-Mart----only if I'm super lucky.

    Yeah, jealous.

  7. I KNOW! He's the GREATEST author ever! I enjoy his poems more than his prose, but I still like to read his prose. Chris always grabbed books (read: donations) from the library for me! :)

  8. Oh! Remember the poem "Annabel Lee" I posted on my blog?! :D HE'S THE BEST!