Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today I filled out a job application.

I'll give my blog a moment to compose itself after the wind was sucked out from all your gasps.

Did that make any sense? No? Oh well.

I'm applying to be a child development program assistant. Yep, sure am! Now, what the fudge does that mean? This:

Assists in planning and conducting an effective child development program to meet the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of each child based upon stated goals and a curriculum plan provided by the supervisor.

Sounds like what I went to college for, if you ask me! I'll turn in my application tomorrow. Wish me luck. It pays well, and it includes kids. That's all I really care about. I mean, sheesh, I did take a bazillion classes in early childhood, positive behavior support, behavior analysis, children's literature, teaching reading & math, etc. so I should be good to go!

Just wanted to update you on everything. So you're not, like, totally out of the loop.

In other news, I made it to Wednesday. And I'm pretty excited about that.

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  1. love you. and yes. it did make sense. :)

    Also...GOOD LUCK!!! eeeep! :)