Monday, October 5, 2009

our trip to Williamsburg

Ahh. Williamsburg. A beautiful city. Chuck full of history. Smells like horses. Totally beautiful and extremely fun.

Me: "Clayton, do you want to go in that building?"
C: "Do you want to go in that building?"
Me: "Sure!"
C: "Okay ... I wonder what we can learn!!"

1776 was a good year for our country. We had so much fun! Educational trips are fantastic!! If only we had another free day, we would go to Jamestown to see the ships. Here's a little glimpse of today - but many more are on Facebook!

Us and Thomas J :]

In George Washington's church!

Praying in the pew!
Many of our founding fathers attended this church!! So cool.

Outside view of the church

My parents and C outside a gun building
(and yes, I bought him a gun!)

It took a lot of persuasion to get this photo :)

We would never get in trouble in the city!
..or we would never be caught, at least.

Saluting our country!

A very tired boy :]

C loved putting his head and arms in the "thingy." He also loved the room full of guns and bayonets, but he also loved the church! The best part is that children under 6 are free! It was very difficult trying to explain the American Revolution to him :) I promised that he would learn more in school. Pilgrims, Native Americans, the British, the new Americans.. whew!! That's a lot for a 4-year old! But he will get the whole story in the 4th grade. Until then, Williamsburg was great for the whole family! I definitely recommend it. We are so very thankful that we live in this city that is so close to our country's history!! It's fantastic!!!

Tomorrow is the VA Zoo!! C is thrilled to pieces. And, quite frankly, so am I :)


  1. i love reading your blog :) and am so glad you're having fun with your fam!

  2. Your nephew is so cute Shannon. I love his little salute!

  3. i love this! :) He is going to be (more than already) so so cultured at the end of this trip. :)

  4. I agree with Christine! All your pictures are soo adorable!

    PS Those church pew backs are HIGH! Ha.