Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This past weekend, upon heading to the grocery store (after already having been to another grocery store earlier that day...) it hit me: We shop at seven different grocery stores on a regular basis.

I know, I know -- you're wondering why on earth we do this. Well, um, we really love to shop for groceries. It's never a burdensome chore. We love food - healthy food - and we love a variety! We simply could not limit ourselves to one store.

Kroger: The trusty grocery just minutes from home. This store has all the goods that I need to cook - and, often, other stores won't have them. In all actuality, we've only been here once since moving to Virginia. But it's the store I trust most, truthfully!

Wal-Mart: Clearly, the lowest prices in town. We get our (rare) cokes there, bottled waters, and frozen dinners from here. The long lines really stink. And, in our town, there are usually only four lines open - despite there being about 30 lanes. Argh.

The Fresh Market: Probably our favorite store. We especially like the spices that come in little pouches, not bottles. The meat is fresh and a deli dude has to scoop it out for you. It's quite an experience. They also have a HUGE thing of freshly made desserts that look more amazing than what Martha Stewart could whip up. I'm not sure who is behind the counter making these desserts (totally fresh), but the person is a genius.

Trader Joe's: We love this place because they offer gobs of food frozen, and you just have to cook it at home! The entire store is organic, which makes organic prices more affordable. They also always have free samples.. of fancy things. Last week was wine, but it's too bad that we don't drink. They also have an entire aisle of nuts. Good grief, I've never seen so many nuts in my life!

Farm Fresh: Another cutesy healthy organic-ish store. We go here for, yet again, more variety of health foods.

Food Lion: Right next to our subdivision. So, if we go to the other 5 stores and somehow forget something (yes, it happens), we head there.

Commissary: Our last choice. We might be the only military couple who avoids shopping there. But, um, it isn't our favorite. At all. Plus, it's always always busy on the weekends - and that's when we like to shop. But... if we're on base, and we need food.. we're headed there!

Yep, there you go -- 7 grocery stores. I really never knew that such a wide variety of foods existed. This morning, I had some Flax Seed cereal with raisins and organic fat-free milk. Last night I snacked on baby organic green grapes. Tonight we're having orange-glazed chicken stir fry on a bed of rice with egg rolls. Oh gosh, yummo.

The Fresh Market. So quaint!


  1. Fresh Market looks like a good place to shop...Mom

  2. I totally agree about the commissary - you guys aren't the only military couple who doesn't care for it. We hate the one at Shaw, always too crowded and never has what we want anyway. And oh how I miss Trader Joe's! Have you tried any of their packages of cookies? I love them. The Fresh Market sounds awesome...we have to drive an hour to get to something similar here but it's worth it. Is there a Whole Foods near you at all? I know there are a ton in Northern VA. Now you've got me jealous of your wonderful grocery stores too :-( hehe

  3. Mmm the all the commissaries I've ever experienced have been wonderful and lovely! :) Especially all of the REAL foreign food. Like German chocolate and those yummy German cookies that come out during Christmas. YUM!

    Fresh Market looks wonderful! :) Glad you have that as one of your choices.

    And eee, Food Lion?! My least favorite on your list. We've had some BAD experiences from there. (Like, our food being bad or expired on more than one occasion.) Maybe yours is better, though.

  4. At one of these places (and I can't remember which, but I *think* it WAS Food Lion..) we got some crushed red pepper. We got home, and there WAS NO SEAL ON IT! Like, someone had *completely* broken the seal.


    I just threw it away.. Who knows what could be in it! :\ Ew ew ew. We go to so many grocery stores that it's all a blur.. but I do know that we got it for only $1.. so there ya have it. We ended up getting some more crushed red pepper at Trader Joes that was wrapped in a big plastic seal. ha. Sheesh.

  5. Next time you come up to Ikea look up Wegman's Grocery store (it is on your way I think close to that is the Disnyland of grocery stores. My 5 year old begs us to eat there. YUM! P.S. Bring your camera you wont want to forget the experience.

  6. Wow!!! I will DEFINITELY look it up! How fun! :D

  7. I agree with that anonymous poster on Wegman's, it's amazing. I was spoiled to have them in NY when I was in college and then saw them in Northern VA too. I hope you get to check it out, it will be the biggest grocery store you've ever seen! And definitely go when you're hungry, their prepared foods (like pizza, subs, other things) are delicious. They have yummy gelato too.

  8. Wegman's. Yes. My grandparents go there. You know they live in Virginia. I tell you that everyday. But still. They live in Virginia.