Thursday, October 29, 2009

in the past

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. We shall call her L for blogging purposes. At 6 years old, L was super excited to become a big sister. She was so excited, in fact, that she gleefully put on a 3-quarter length pink shirt that read, "I'm the Big Sister!" It even came with a bear-looking creature on the front, dressed up in some sort of large outfit.

I'm really not sure.

But L was so excited - not only to be big sister - but also to become part time play mommy. I mean, really, what could be more fun than sticking your newborn sister in a buggy, dressing her in a blue sleeper (!?!?!?) and attaching your denim purse to the front of it? I'm pretty sure this is the epitome of darling, adorable fun.

PS. That baby dressed in blue is me, and that's MY big sis!

But that little babe grew up into a 5-year old. Playing house with baby dolls and fake kitchens was her most favorite thing. Washing dishes and placing them neatly in the storage bin to dry was fantastically fun (now why didn't this interest stick with me!? Somehow, dishes have lost their "fun appeal" over the years..). Sporting a Big Red sweatshirt with matching red & white pajama pants was all the rage. So were fros. Well, maybe not, but it was my signature statement. Unintentionally. Plus, this little girl loved to take pictures (Shown blow with play Fisher Price camera).

Nothing's changed, really.



Food Consumed:

6 inch buffalo chicken sub: 7pts
1/2 bag of baked Lays: 1.5pts
Dr Pepper: 3pts
2 soft shell homemade tacos: 6
Dr Pepper: 3
4 chicken nuggets: 3

= 23.5

Not too shabby, really. I actually have 20 flex points to use each week, so I'm not concerned about the 3 points that I went over.

Today's Weight: 133


  1. You are adorable!!! = ) then AND now!!

  2. THANKS, Mentor!!!!!!!!!!!! :D You're the BEST!

  3. Great pics ya
    DAD :)

  4. how did i know that would be one of the pictures you would post??? how adorable. and the shirt.... courtney and her mom brought that to me at the hospital when they came to visit. i loved it! i did think you would add in the picture of me painting your face or you diving off of the footstool. there are so many good ones!

    Big Sis

  5. Okay, your fro has got to be the most adorable thing I have ever seen! :D

    Also, home made soft shelled tacos? YUM!

  6. *super shocked that my sister commented*