Friday, October 23, 2009

the movie that left me nauseous.

Tonight we planned on seeing Couples Retreat. But that didn't work out, and we ended up seeing Paranormal Activity.

And I walked out of the theater sweating, nearly hyperventilating, and nauseous with fear. Holy crap. Nothing really scares me. I laughed at The Exorcist, and I think most horror movies are pretty lame -- with the exception of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, because it's a true story.

DBR*, you have got to see this movie. I normally wouldn't beg you to spend $20 at a theater, but, seriously, you have got to see this movie.

It's a "documentary" following a young couple - Micah & Katie. She's been "haunted" since she was 8, and the same "demon" has been following her on and off ever since. The hauntings pick up again, and her hero boyfriend decides to video tape everything to analyze it and understand what's going on.

Little things start happening, like loud noises at night and things start moving. Eventually, super scary crap starts occurring, like the demon starts breathing on her, leaving footsteps, and then dragging her out of bed.

Like, there is nothing stupid about this movie. It is 100% realistic, as far as "realism" goes. I'm pretty sure I nearly squeezed Mark's head off***. Scary movies aren't my absolute favorite, but this one goes right to the top of my list of Favorite Scary Movies of All Time. If I had a list like that. Which I don't. But I'm just sayin.

The movie isn't really out to scare you.. because you're on an emotional roller coaster with Katie, the star of the movie. She is crying and upset and scared to death, and you're rooting for them to figure out how to get rid of the demon.

I really want to ruin the movie and tell you all what happens in the end, but that wouldn't be fair. Take your spouse to the theater ASAP and see it! It's a good excuse to cuddle squeeze your partner's hand off and grab their arm like it's your last hope.

I give this movie an A+. Now go see it. Kthx!

*Dear Bloggy Readers

***Edit: I didn't actually squeeze his head off, but.. rather, his HAND. Oops. Although I probably could have squeezed his head off if I had my hands around it. Yes, I was that scared.


  1. *NOT* seeing. But you knew that already.


  2. OMG that movie looks so scary! I can't handle scary movies-they make my fear of the dark escalate by like 1000%. Glad you all had a great time though!

  3. I'm with Brittney. Let me tell you a little story:

    When "The Grudge" came out I went to see it with my boyfriend. I left the theatre literally hyperventilating. It wasn't even THAT scary of a movie. But I don't do scary movies. Not even a little bit. And Robert (my bf) threw up watching one of the Saw movies. So I'm thinking we'll skip this. But we'll definitely be going to see Disney's A Christmas Carol =P

  4. I saw that movie! I LOVED it! It was sooo scary but I love scary movies. THe last time I was scared by a movie was....brace yourself....when Darkness Falls FIRST came out. YEa..its been that long. So me and ADam are going to see it again tomorrow just cause I liked it that much! And when it comes out I am goingt o buy it. It scared the you know what out of me....but it was awesome!!!!


  5. Austin HATED this movie. He said that it was like 20 minutes of potentially scary stuff, and the rest was them talking about the scary stuff. But to each his own. I figured I'd be scared in it.

  6. Ha. It's *realllllllllly* doing well in theaters. At first, it was only at a select few (very few) theaters, and Paramount said that if 1 million people asked for the movie to go nationwide, they'd do it. in FOUR days, a million people asked for it on their website. people LOVE IT! I looooooove it. It is THE perfect Halloween movie... You will want to cry in the theater. I so wish at least ONE of you would go seei t. I know Rebecca saw it, you know Rebecca Reynolds? And she loved it!