Friday, October 23, 2009

the post that will make you say: awww!!


Mrs. Cox | MySpace Video

hair yo

Mrs. Cox | MySpace Video

C is 24 months in these videos -- just after his 2nd birthday. M was in Hawaii for Christmas, so we made videos for him.


C reading his high frequency words at 3 1/2 using homemade flash cards


I'm such a proud little aunt.


  1. I just realized the high frequency words video was taped a year go! I noticed he was in his Halloween jammies! This year he is reading short stories in his books! Oh, what a huge difference a year makes! *tear*

  2. Very fitting title for this post!! I lost count of how many times I said awwwwwww. C is so stinking cute and smart!! You have very good reason to be a proud aunt.

  3. That was way to cute! He is such a smart boy! My niece is 3 and she hasn't begun to read words like that! O wait...I just read your post...ok..there is still hope! :)

  4. Sorry..the one right above is mine!!!

  5. way cute - i know - i have such a cute, smart little boy!!! don't you wish he was yours?

    Mommy L (mom told me to not write my name)

  6. yes, I doooo wish he was mine!!! Can't wait til he gets his surprise in the mail! :D It will be so cute! I love my baby boy SO much!! He will always be a baby to me :]