Saturday, October 10, 2009

take it all in.

bright-eyed at 14 months!

Today we ventured to Virginia Beach because we could.

We were in search of a historic light house that sounded simply dreamy. As always, our GPS couldn't lead us there and we actually couldn't find it.

(How the fudge can you NOT locate a LIGHTHOUSE?! Aren't you supposed to easily find it?! Isn't that the POINT?)

And after searching for restaurants, and not being able to find those either, we finally settled on one! So we enjoyed seafood by a mariner dock, and it was fabulous. Sure, it was pouring rain. But it was still wonderful. Mark gobbled up an entire seafood platter, and I tried my first fried oyster and crab cake. I gobbled up a crab burger, and it was delish!

Piper got a little something from the trip as well. She is so stylin'..


We have the coolest stores in Virginia. It's unreal how different the shopping experience is than from Kentucky. For instance, grocery shopping is actually fun in Virginia. In my hometown, I do believe we are basically limited to Kroger and Walmart - right? Here, there is a plethora of grocery stores. Our new favorite is called The Fresh Market. And it is heavenly.

Everything is fresh. Everything. They offer foods that I've never even heard of! All of their meat is in one huuuuge row, similar to what the lunch meat deli part of Kroger is. They don't even sell pre-wrapped sausage. Nope. You have to ask the cool deli man to scoop you up some sausage. I've never seen such a huge assortment of meat. It is extremely overwhelming.

And let us not forget that The Fresh Market has a HUGE case of fresh desserts that would put Martha Stewart to shame. They are the most beautiful desserts I have laid eyes on. We just stood at the case for five minutes and gawked. We didn't buy anything, but it was all so beautiful!

But The Fresh Market makes Mark and myself feel extremely cool. Tonight we bought wheat germ and POM juice, and we were pretty excited. I wish I could take pictures of this adorable little store for all of you to see. But I would get lots of weird stares. So that isn't happening.


We also found a new store called the World Market. There, we got a little something for $6 that my family has told me that we desperately need. Tomorrow, I will reveal our little purchase.


Today was C's second Bible Quiz tournament, held in Louisville. I'm happily reporting that he got TWO questions correct today! Yes sirree - he definitely knows what man lost all his possessions and his health but remained true to God. (That would be Job). And I can't remember what other question he correctly answered. Oops. At any rate, congratulate C! He is the youngest quizzer at church - the only 4yr old and the only preschooler! He is doing such a great job!


Turns out, C and Brittney share a love for the same things in life....


Tomorrow or Monday we might venture to Jamestown. We are extremely excited to play Pocahontas and John Smith tour the settlement and ships. On Saturday, we are going to Washington DC and touring the Smithsonian. Can you guess which Smithsonian building will be my favorite? Betcha can't guess right!


  1. Baby has a green and blue collar! Mom said it makes her look like a boy, but I said it doesn't. She looks so pretty in it, and Piper looks marvelous too!
    I bet your town has a Whole Foods. They are wonderful.
    And I totally know where that picture of your nephew was taken. I was there today and got so many good things!
    And as for your favorite Smithsonian museum, maybe it is the Air and Space? Since your husband is Air Force?
    But the Hirshhorn Art Museum is wonderful too.

  2. Yes, Whole Foods is fantastic! You should definitely try to find one near you. The closest one to BG is in Nashville and the closest one to us is in Louisville. It's soo worth it, though! I can't wait to visit all these fun and lovely places when we come visit you! :D

    And yay for C! I didn't realize he was the youngest quizzer at the church! WOW! He's so smart! And he definitely has good taste! ;]

    I don't even know how many different sections of that museum there are. Uhhh...I'm going to guess the zoological park? Or the gallery of art? (I totally googled to see what different areas they had!) :]

  3. The Fresh Market here has a rotisserie chicken salad in the deli that's do die for! You need to try it if they have it there!

    The World Market is awesome too! Their wine conissours really know their stuff and can refer you to the perfect vino to compliment your dinner.

  4. I LOVE HOW HUDSIE IS CURLING HIS TONGUE. precious. precious. precious. true. :)

    also. I LOVE piper's collar. again, precious. :)

    aaaaaand CLAYTON!!! :)! so so so cute.