Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If you read my Not Me Monday, you'll recall that this past week included a few misfortunes on Piper's part. Not a day goes by where Piper doesn't do something outrageous. Today it came in the form of a walk, a small girl, and a leash.

It's, like, summer here. No joke. This weekend was frigid winter.. but this week, Virginia decided to go back to summer. I don't mind. We were on our second walk of the day -- a leisurely walk through our neighborhood. The kiddos were off from school and were joyfully totting around on their skateboards, bikes, and scooters.

And then we saw her: a little girl, around 8, riding on her pink scooter. Little girls love Piper, and Piper loves little girls. So, you could say it was mutual. She ran up to her and asked (politely) if she could pet "him." Of course, I said yes, and she and Piper went to town! Wrestling in the yard and having a fun old time. We said our goodbyes and continued on our little walk.

la la la

Then, as we came upon our house, we saw her again! The two new buddies reunited and, again, went to town with scratches and they were wallering in the grass.

Girl: She loves me! She's crazy - I think she wants me to walk her
Me: Haha.. yeah.. you're new to her, so she's excietd!
Girl: Can I walk her?!?

Hands her the leash

Girl walks her down the sidewalk and back

la la la

Piper gets tangled up in the leash

Girl tries to fix it

Piper slips out of her collar

And all hell broke loose. Like, literally

Piper darts around the yard

Piper resembles a bunny rabbit on Speed for the second time in one week

Piper darts under the car

Girl: Oh no!! She's under the car!!

Me: Come heeeere, Piper! Piper, treat!! Treat!

Holds out hand and acting like there's a treat in my hand, when clearly my hand is empty and Piper can see that there is NO treat and she probably thinks that I'm taking her for a fool

Piper stays under car and stares at us

Girl: I have an idea!!

Girl pulls out her wallet, which has cutely been clipped on her belt loop. Girl offers Piper her wallet, because we all know that puppies love pocketbooks and that sort of thing

Piper stays under car

Girl: Drat! That didn't work... Ok, I have another plan. Let's leave my wallet on the driveway and walk away and act like we don't see her. Then, when she comes out to get it, we grab her

Me: Ok...

We walk away like two clever cats and peek behind us. And, by golly, Piper does come out from under the car

Little girl whips around and tries to grab her

She isn't fast enough. Piper darts back under the car.

Me: CRAP! We're never gonna catch her!

Girl tries to grab her again - and fails - and Piper runs around the yard

Me: I have an idea! I'll get food from inside and lure her in...

Runs inside to grab a treat, brings it to the driveway, and Piper suspiciously comes to me

Little girl nabs Piper like a lump of flour and drops her in my kitchen floor

Me: Thanks a bunch for helping me! Have a nice day!

When, what I should have said was: Thanks for causing this escapade!! It really made my day! :]

I couldn't even make that up. That's a fuzzy mobile photo of Pi
under my car and the elbow of the little girl. Sigh.

Edit: I forgot to mention that, upon leaving, the little girl shouted, "HEY! Next time you ought to get her a collar that fits!"

... thanks for the tip, sweetheart!


  1. Oh dear! Thank goodness you caught her!

  2. How funny! When my dog Capo used to escape he would run circles around me so there was no possible way to catch him! He just had to tire out! So glad you caught her!

    I am commenting for the first time. Finally got my nerve up.

  3. This is hilarious! Especially the part about getting the wallet out!! Priceless!! :)


  4. Too funny. Love you kiddo....Dad

  5. AWWW, did my dad REALLY just comment on my blog!? :D

  6. Haha! That is too funny! Is her collar that big? Cause if you want to try a different collar that would probably fit her, try a cat collar. We had to get one for BUddy because he was so small for the longest time. That little girl is to cute thought! And thanks for telling how to comment! Now I can!


  7. O! And if she runs away...it will be hard but if you trust her don't go running after her. Buddy had the same ordeal. BUt if you don't go chasing after them and just stand there and be mad...they usually come back! OR at least buddy did!


  8. Haha, this totally made my night! Hilarious.


  9. Her collar doesn't naturally fall off her.. but if you pull on it, and it gets in the right groove, it will slip off. Hehe! She's so wittle!!

  10. hahaha. ps. look at all the anonymous comments! your post WORKED! maybe mine will too! oh, maybe I shouldn't do a ps at the beginning. Too late.

    This story cracked me up. also, did you say the little girl was IN your house? didn't she get in trouble? I wasn't allowed to talk to strangers. Not that you're a stranger, but you know what i mean.