Sunday, May 17, 2009


-after 52 classes
-and 132 credit hours
-with 29 hard-earned A's
-and 12 lazy B's
-and 4 hard-earned C's (stupid anatomy! and math!)
-and shamefully, 2 D's (math and economics aren't my strengths!)
-with, shockingly, 4 changes of majors (one which occurred 3 weeks ago...)
-and with a current GPA of 3.41 (without my SIX A's that I earned this semester! yes.. 18 hours of ALL A's, baby!! I try to make my hubby proud!!)

and 4 years

I'm now a College Graduate!

today I sat through one heckuva long ceremony. I didn't pay attention too much, because I was busy scouting the audience. and trying to wave to C, who, for the life of him, could not find me in the crowd of graduation caps.

boy, I really wish my husband could have been there. you have no idea.

but I am extremely glad to be done with my undergraduate degree. I'm not really glad to be done with WKU, per se, because it holds a special place in my heart. I mean, except for ginormous hill that sucks to walk up. and the expensive food. and how water stands in the roads because the pavement on campus is totally uneven. and mean, stinky teachers. you know, except for that.

so here I am. naturally.

and here I am, standing & getting recognized
for being an honor grad
woohoo, Cum Laude!

and here I am waiting to get my piece of paper with a ribbon tied around it

me and my lovely parents!

my sister!!!!!!!!!!!

I like to dress my nephews up as college graduates...

normally, I wouldn't allow this kind of thing, but....

it's my day & my cake, so go ahead, C!! dig in!


I'm now a member of the Western Kentucky University Alumni, yall!

No official info about Old Dominion yet. Their website is pretty pathetic & it doesn't have a lot of information. I guess I'll figure it all out this summer. It's the last thing on my mind right now.


  1. HONEY, Im so proud of you. One more step to making our future brighter :) I miss you so much

  2. all that college and you misspelled alumni at the top. :)

  3. Aww. almuni. Close enough to alumni. :) And oh me. I love how cute you are. But you know, Austin called me and read me this. So what if I already told you that? I think it's cute that he's proud of you. I mean, who WOULDN'T be? :) And ps....I love that PM got an account to where he can comment.

  4. LOL. oooops. clearly i MEANT alumni. since i clearly wrote it correctly later on in the post. ahem.

    and pm didn't get an account.. i think he did the anonymous thing and just wrote prince m in it.

  5. Congratulations Shannon! All of you guys look adorable!
    And, I know you've only been gone a day, but the library misses you!!!!!

  6. You'll have to fill me in and tell me who they hire, Crystal!!!!!!!! :D