Sunday, May 24, 2009

love it.

this afternoon, Mark called C, our 4-year old nephew.

M: Hi, C!

C: Mark...?

M: Yep! Whatcha doin, buddy?

C: *silence*

M: C?

C: This isn't Mark. Mark is in the Air Forrest.

M: This is Mark. Shannie's here too!

C: Oh.. okay.. Mark, when are you going to come back to life?



On the same note, sometimes I do call my nephew "C" in real life, in case you wondered.


I am absolutely dreading Monday night. And I'm dreading Tuesday even more. We are totally in paradise. I really can't describe it. We saw each other at BMT graduation, sure... but this is like actually having him home. Sort of. I can actually hold his hand in public. It's amazing!!

We never stop touching. Ever. And he is super protective of me.

It's like having my own personal soldier! Oh, that's right... I do!!!!

and now I am going to wake Mark up and we're going to eat hamburgers at the dining facility. I am totally loving every single second of this trip. You have NO IDEA!

We have the best marriage EVER! evereverever. Only 3 more months until we are together for good. Ohhh we are counting down the days...

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  1. C IS PRECIOUS! That is so stinkin' cute. And I love that you can actually touch in public. I'm so happy for you! :)